these hands

asher's imaginative hands holding a "big...BIG spider"!

It seems that there has been an explosion of creative energy inside the mind and heart of this little boy in my life. Every day brings about new adventures and excursions. Walks are full of conversations about the stars and the moon and owls and witches. There is an hourly ritual of climbing all the furniture in order to avoid falling in the "river" that flows freely through our living room. We don't want to fall in...because of course there are "shark-tooths" in the water...and we never remember to wear our wings (water wings)...so we very carefully climb from couch to dresser back to couch to chair. If there happens to be a little mishap, Asher is quick to call for mama, and I come and save him from the rapids and sharks. All of the streets have become rivers and we travel around in our very own "boat"...passing many other "boats" along the way...and occasionally we will come upon a SHIP (a diesel) which is traveling our same path that day. I love listening to his stories and hearing a bit of the magic reeling around in his head. He blows imaginary bubbles into the air so that Journey and I can catch them and play in their soapiness. He mimics noises of owls and dinosaurs and tigers and dragons...and quickly takes a gasp while asking "WAS AT, MAMA?". We then will often run to safety under the sheets of whichever bed is closest. Sometimes, Asher will actually courageously "catch" the animals we hear because they need help finding their mama's. He has brought us elephants (those ones are really, really HEAVY...and he is really, really FWONG (strong)), spiders (we even had a spider breakfast on Sunday morning because we were told to act really "hawney" (hungry)...it seems we had been out at sea for days without food), and just this morning Asher came up to me pinching a "yittle, tiny dinosaur" between his thumb and pointer finger. We sit on our bed and look down at the sea below us full of eels and sharks and groupers. Asher is known for metamorphosing into a lion or cheetah or jaguar...and he has one of the most convincing roars that a three year old could possibly have. He rolls around on the floor like an armadillo and runs fast like a roadrunner.

I have not only been entertained by his imagination...but I am also inspired. He shows me what it means to create stories and act out scenarios...and there is something so playful and innocent about it. Something about how he learns so quickly about any kind of animal...what it eats and how it sleeps and what kind of noises it makes. I see how interested he is and how engaged he becomes when dreaming of creatures both real and imagined.

The times where we get each other most...where we sink into some kind of harmony...is when Asher is free to live and play and dream so openly and ferociously. I see his energy exerted in one direction, his body working just as hard as his imagination. His active mind is hard to keep up with, but it certainly provides enough inspiration to pour into each one of us who lives beside him. He pulls me out into his world by inviting me to play along and showing me the realms of his fantasy. I learn so much from that. I am moved to create more...to ask him more questions...to indulge in his play...to think of my own little "worlds" that hold glimpses of magic and fun...to dream and exert myself in ways that I think are beyond my capacity.

It all seems to inevitably be taking effect on me...that urge to challenge myself to imagine and dream and create more. For those of you who read this blog consistently...you may have noticed that I have posted each day since the beginning of the month. That isn't typical of me...in fact...what IS typical of me is to be unpredictable. I haven't ever really established a good constant rhythm in this space. I tend to come and go when the moments are right and available but I have done something that I think you should know about. I have quietly joined the insanity of NaBloPoMo ...where I am making the commitment to post EVERY day for the month of November. This is no easy task for me. I struggle with consistency...with planning things out...and often times with creating enough time in the day to make those commitments happen. But...so far, so good. I have made it the first five days...and so I thought perhaps I should be more optimistic and share that bit of truth with all of you! It will be my little secret no longer...and all of you readers will have to bear the burden with me...because I really have no idea what day 29 will look like. I may have nothing more to tell you than a good poop story or how many loads of laundry I did that day. We'll see.

With this kind of juicy imaginative goodness flowing through our home...I couldn't help but do something that challenged me to keep up with him in some kind of exerting, creative way.

Hang in there...hopefully it won't be too painful for any of us...and please...feel free to drop me any encouragement along the way!


Beth said...

i'm looking forward to seeing what asher comes up with every day! what a commitment :) we all get the benefit of reading your wonderful writings! thank you!

Debbie said...

I just love Asher's imagination! There is so much creativity running through your family, it is great to witness. I know with your exciting world around you there will be plenty for you to write about each and every day! Can't wait to see what adventures await you in the next month!

Cory said...

Looking forward to reading your blog daily :) It gives me something to look forward to each morning. It has been soooo fun seeing Asher's imagination explode. I am in awe of his knowledge of animals. Love you Asher D.

Auntie Vee said...

Yey! I'm always so excited when I click on your Blog and there is something new! I love hearing about the Babes and how well you can interpret Asher's language! I do believe he is a chip off the ole Mommy block? It would be fun to hear how the babes interact with the puppy?

daisies said...

i am sooo glad you joined, it is challenging but i think it helps us to break through, play, find magic :) and a whole month of your posts makes me smile!! xox

Jme said...

I got the opportunity to experience some of Asher's imagination the other night when we were sleeping and snoring, answering the telephone, hiding under the sheets from dragons and then bravely running from them! :) It was so much fun!
And Jess...I could have sworn that these were your hands. :)

cassie said...

i am super excited to read something new everyday! i agree with auntie vonda...i have only seen the one picture of forest and i wonder how he has been fitting in with the family. i also love the idea of a "seasons" table to enjoy. you are such a sassy lady jess. i love you

Nonnie said...

I too have enjoyed being a part of experiencing his very active imagination lately. Even at the 3-Day ceremonies on Sunday, I would look over at him and he would be just sitting there smiling away.....and I knew he was on an amazing adventure!!! I also am amazed at his ability to know so many animals and the info that goes along with them. He definitely absorbs anything about things he has a passion for! love you Asher D!
Jme....I have always told Sass that Asher has hands just like hers! Even when he is expressing with them!

GG said...

Well, Jessie, I have always been disappointed that even with all of our encouragment and praise we were never able to convince you to make an effort toward trying to get published that absolutely beautiful blog entry "I Am Mama" that you wrote awhile back. But I can see more than a glimmer of hope in Asher. With such a fertile imagination I believe that when he learns to write he will fulfill some hopes of mine that some of the greatgrandchildren will have some of the interest in writing that I have and you have. Asher certainly seems to have the story telling ability and has the boldness to let these stories flow forth from his brain and mouth. I think it is incredible that he has such an imagination...don't under any circumstances ever curtail that creative talent of his. I probably won't live long enough to see its fulfilment but the rest of you will. And while I have never heard or witnessed his story telling talent I think he will do something great in his life with all this abundance of talent and cerebral energy. And when that does burst forth for a certainty and I am not here to tell him so... you tell him that GG always knew that there was something bubbling and festering in his brain that someday would burst forth on the world and make known without a doubt that he has great talents to offer. He is a classical person...not only does he have classic beauty; he has a classical bearing even in his ability to have fun and astound others with his vivid imagination.

He knows his own mind and sometimes I witness difficult times you encounter with him but I do know that you are smart enough not to cripple his creativeness. You've got your hands full with him and I don't envy you the challenge of channeling this superb little being into whatever he is destined to be. And may God give you strength and courage to do so. Love, GG