answer me this.

asher and sky...both spinning around like a "whirpoo" (whirlpool)
we were lightly contemplating whether or not we should take a nap on the blanket set up outside for our stories and games. i knew that it wasn't going to actually develop into a real LIVE nap...but it was fun to dream. i was laying on the blanket and asher collapsed beside me in utter dramatic exhaustion while exclaiming with an imitation yawn..."asher toooooooo tired!".
"well, why don't we take a nap beneath the sky then?"
"no mama! see. sky not have "tars" (stars) in it. sky not moon in it. sky have summer (sun) and "fouds" (clouds) in it. sasher not go "WEEP" (sleep)."
and that was the end of that conversation because i really didn't have anything better to say than that.
journey, on the other hand, believes quite differently than asher. and i think if she could form sentences...she would say something like this: "No mama. sky not have sun in it. sky not have clouds in it. sky has stars and moon in it. not time to go to sleep!".
so when i ask...WHEN...is a mama supposed to get any sleep around here???


Sara said...

oh, I hear this loud and clear. I was blessed with Griffin when he started sleeping through the night at around 7 weeks and I thought that I was on that same path with McKenna when she was 8 weeks old, but in the last 3 weeks every night she has been waking up every 3 hours. Grr.. I try to remind her that she is a big 6 month old and not a newborn, I just don't think she can read the memo :)

Alyson said...

I am so with you. When the 2nd one comes along, it is hard to get a nap. I noticed a difference when Noah started table food. Dinner seemed to fill him up a bit more and he would only wake up once or twice. Noah at 20 months he is FINALLY sleeping through the night! Yeah! If we get together next week, maybe Noah can talk Journey into it :o)

daisies said...

mmmmm nap on a blanket, even pretend naps are kind of fun ;-) xox