the ABC's of me

journey girl discovering the abc's

i've seen this little idea floating around out there and thought it would be kind of fun to try. it is always a bit difficult...writing specifics about myself. well...the actual narrowing down part is the hardest, the writing isn't so bad. i am constantly amazed, though, at what good this does for me...working through thoughts and trying to assign words to who i am and what i am about. we'll see how it goes...

A-ambitions. I share some of them...I have so many more

B-bohemian beauty makes me swoon...i dig the boho magic

C-contradiction. i am a walking one at times...an ecclectic creature i am

D-disorganized. or assembled in a spastic sort of way

E-emotional. reality is not confined to the five senses

F-fire. i'm a fire sign and i follow my flames

G-gypsy. a gypsy soul...gallivanting the globe is my forever dream

H-heart. without heart there isn't much

I-intuition. learning to trust it and hear it in ways that i have been fearful of

J-juggler. constant departures and arrivals...something always lost mid air

K-kindred. i seek them, i love them, i long for them

L-love.love.love. learning to love with wild abandon

M-mindful mama...my most immediate challenge

N-ature. native wisdom always inspires me to create greater harmony.

O-open. a beautiful, round concept. no beginning or end. open heart, open mind.

P-peace. let it be everywhere.

Q-questions. i have a lot. i ask a good amount. i will keep forming more.

R-rare. a word i love, enchanting me with meaning. a rare experience/soul/occasion...all so inviting.

S-sensitive. to energy, experience, inner voice. sends me seeking for spirit.

T-touch. it is important. nonviolent touch is paramount to our world.

U-undecided. there is so much more to know.

V- V-day. until the violence stops.

W-wholeness. growing towards full, fabulous, freedom.

eXplore. body, mind, spirit, world.

Y-yin/yang. there is balance...saying yes to acceptance.

Z-zen. intrigued by. learning to look within.

whew! ok...if you want to play...leave me behind your most beloved letter and some kind of meaning that connects it to you! i really love reading little bits of things that tell me more about YOU. oh yes, i really do!


amanda said...

wow! I love this. This post in itself could be the most amazing journal or book. Have you ever done any book making?

You're so amazing . . .

Here's my letter:
P (pea--get it?) P for perspective, there are infinite ways to see my world and frame my life's experiences. We all have our own unique view and can choose where to focus.

I feel a little silly now, but I tagged you for a game over at my blog if you want to play :)

rebecca said...

lovely, jessamyn....

my letter: C - curious -- ABOUT EVERYTHING! but not in a nosy, intrusive way (i hate that). instead i ask many questions to learn and connect with people because my soul seeks connections; i want to know how things come to be -- in life, in our world, in our own minds. simply, i am on a continued journey into the meaning of life.

lovely...i may be inspired to copy and do the same.

Stacey said...

Just found your site but was moved by your post. I think my letter would be e. A small e, I love them and love drawing them- not writing them. e as in echo and everywhere. I look at echos personally they are what life is to me, we are echos of the generations before, somethings the same somethings changed.

Brittni Turgesen said...

Hey Jess I liked this post and enjoyed reading the words you use to describe yourself! I think right now my letter would be S for seeker. I have found myself seeking for the balance of living the life I am used to, yet learning how to live it as a new character. Some days are a struggle and I question my abilities as this new character. I then wonder if it is because I am not allowing and maybe even fighting the necessary change that comes with this character. I don't know if this makes sense or not but anyway maybe this is a good exercise for me to do. Love ya!

Debbie said...

Jess, I loved your ability to be open and honest on this one. I think right now my letter would be A for anxious. Anxious about when labor will start, what my future holds, what my family is growing into. I am such a planner that the unknown is hard for me to handle well. Hopefully soon that letter will turn into J for Joy and happiness that will fill our house with a new child!

bella said...

"learning to love with wild abandon"
"W-wholeness. growing towards full, fabulous, freedom."

I fell in love with you upon reading these words. Wild and free, full and abandoned, these words are music to me, like poetry.

GG said...

B is my favorite letter.
BECAUSE it is the first letter of my name,BILL.
It is the shortened version of the word BE. We all must BE in order to BE alive.
BIRTH results in a BABY.
BOYS BECOME all kinds of different things, BASEBALL players, BASKETBALL players, BICYCLE racers, BANJO players.
BUFF men attract BEAUTIFUL girls.
As a result; BUFF men lose their BACHELORHOOD and BEAUTIFUL girls become BRIDES and the BIRTH cyle BEGINS all over again with BEAUTIFUL BELOVED BABIES. Some are BOYS and grow to
BE.....BEING is the continuation of life.
At almost 80 yeas of life I continue to BE.....
Continuing to BE has BEEN a BEAUTIFUL BUT sometimes BUMPY BUSRIDE BUT has resulted in my BRINGING forth my stories BETELGEUSE,BIRDTAIL, and a poem, BUFFETED which I will leave as a legacy to my BEAUTIFUL BABIES.
Yes, I am looking forward to BEING as long as the Lord will let me BE. BUT, if not, maybe the letter W will describe me. I will be spoken of as "He WAS" which is OK because my birth name is WILLIAM. BUT, maybe I will BE in a new realm where B can still BE my favorite letter of the alphabet.
If we go to Heaven the BIBLE says we will get a new BODY and if I go there I could finally BE a BUFF man!

Me as a BUFF man????
Maybe I will get stuck with another BAD BODY again!


daisies said...

your abc's are so beautiful ~ love!!

kristin said...

oh, how glad to have found this blog of yours!

we have this poster...what a wonderful tool for learning to love life.

o...for the cirlce it is.

E...for the way i watch young children learn to write it with many more than three horizontal lines...