seasons change

I'm trying to be more deliberate about bringing the sights, sounds, smells of the season inside. Living where we do...we don't get to see much of a change in the scenery outside from season to season...but there are bits and pieces here and there...and subtle changes that perhaps we can start to notice more consciously. I decided to clear off the top of this old dresser in our home...and dedicate it as our nature table...reflecting the seasons that come and go...and displaying what they bring into our lives.
I really like that idea...so that we can all become more aware of change...and of how time passes rhythmically. I think that by bringing in treasures from outside (and in) that somehow represent that season of growth in our lives, and by placing them within our view each day, we can start to learn more about what each moment brings for us. It also inspires me to learn more about what seasons and holidays mean to different people. This idea of honoring what exists somehow sends me searching for more meaning in whatever way presents itself to me. I really enjoyed reading different stories with my children this past week. I liked learning new things about the past...about how we as a society celebrate different holidays with traditions that originated with deep meaning and thought...but have somehow become something different because of a narrowed interpretation of what is "right" and good. It was interesting to me to learn about this time of year...and how it relates to the cycle of life and death...and new beginnings...and honoring people who have come before us...those we love and have learned from. Those are all things that have been in my thoughts for the last little while. Thoughts that make me feel so grateful and humbled and a part of something that is far greater than the daily annoyances and challenges. A lot of this strikes a chord with me...with this being a time of things starting new...and the truth that things must die in order to have new life in my own habits and behaviors and thoughts. Just sharing a bit of what I am processing...the seasons...how we interpret them...and the kind of understanding I am establishing about traditions and meaning and history. I feel connected and curious...excited for the seasons...AND the reasons.


Cory said...

I think traditions are sooooo important. I absolutely loved the pumpkin that asher picked from the pumpkin patch. The one second from the right. So imperfect for a pumpkin without the round shape. Many of the children and adults picking pumpkins would skip right over that one! Not asher, he saw something wonderful about this pumpkin and was certain this was the one Journey girl should have.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Debbie said...

I love how you look at the world around you. It really is inspiring. I love how you take the feeling of something and find out where it came from and how it has impacted those who came before us and how it will change those we are raising. Can not wait to see all the changes your table will have!

Brittni Turgesen said...

I love that you are doing this! The pumpkins look beautiful and it looks like you are all having fun learning about Halloween and where it originated. I love this about you! I can't wait to see what the next beautiful decorations will be. Your house is such a lovely house to be in! Love you Jess.

daisies said...

i just had this conversation last night about the importance of tradition and how that coincides with the seasons. i like your idea of bringing it into your environment :) where i live, the seasons are very distinct and a bit extreme even so i don't need reminders, i just have to go outside, lol ... i am very influenced by it though and that is a wonderful thing i think ... xox