oh, the places we'll go!

I have no idea where you will be taken in this post. I just showed up...and that has to count for something!
Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of time making some one's "first year birthday party" invitations. Yes...she's turning one. Oh my. Where on earth did this year go? I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that this little shining light is almost one. It is altogether sad and exciting. Sad that my baby babe is getting to be so...so not a baby. But exciting that she is so hilarious and fun and bright and courageous. She is so loved.
Earlier today, I wrote an entire post and my computer kept shouting at me (silently) that there was no connection to blogger. It wasn't even saved as a draft when I regained connection. grrrr, I say, grrr.
It had a bunch of link love to share with you all. Some links for holiday gifting and handmade treasures and links to wonderful posts about oh.so.good ideas for children's toys. I was going to tell you about the delicious blogs I found today while surfing the net during that magical hour where BOTH of my babes slept. Ah, but it will have to wait till another post. Which, is just fine by me...after all, I do have 17 more days to go this month. I am sure all of that goodness will come in handy later down the line, like, tomorrow perhaps!
Right now I must go give my sweets a massage. A long overdue, much needed and begged for massage. Poor Josh. Usually when people discover that I am a massage therapist, they say one of two things:
(1) Do you need someone to practice on?
(2) Your husband is so lucky.
The latter of these two is quite simply NOT true. Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates a massage therapist and NEVER, ever gets a massage? Yep, it's like that. I promised him last night that I would give him one this evening. And I think he is afraid that I am going to skip out on the deal. He keeps acting like he needs to give me more reasons to treat him to a massage. For example, after my shower earlier, I had this conversation with him:
Me: "I am in love with whoever invented Q-tips."
Josh: "That's funny...because I'M the one who invented Q-tips".
He's trying to convince me that he really deserves this.
I better go make good on my promise.
Oh...before I leave. I must link to this post , because, oh.my.gosh. When I was much younger and more naive, I put my mom's name in a raffle to win a pig and I took the phone call that told me that my mom actually WON the pig...and I was SO beyond excited because I thought that it was a real LIVE pig...and I made a bed for it in my closet and everything. And then my mom had to tell me the "truth" of it all...and I wouldn't touch that pork the entire ETERNITY that it lived in our freezer. Oh the heartbreak.
Sleep tight friends!


bella said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, so I could come find you here.
Happy birthday to your baby babe.
It is so bittersweet, isn't it? The only way for them to grow, which is what we want, is to see them leave behind other things.
May she have a lovely birthday and may you too remember her birth and your birth as a mother. It is a scared day.

rebecca said...

oh, the little babies do grow up and it is sort of bittersweet. you never want to stop nuzzling their chubby little baby legs and arms and placing your face right next to theirs and smelling that baby smell....always hugging, always needing.

happy birthday to your little one.

Nonnie said...

so funny to find that post, Jess.

I didn't even know what the raffle tickets were for when I purchased them.....so it was a bit of a shock to me. and then to find the bed you had made in the closet....it was not an easy thing to tell you....especially with you love of pigs at the time!
I'm not sure ANYONE enjoyed those meals, Jess! :)

daisies said...

happy birthday to your sweet little one!!

am so sorry about the pig and the fact that it made me giggle, just a little ...

hugs! xox

GG said...

Oh, Jessie, you cracked me up with this blog! You should go onstage at IMPROV! I can just hear Josh in his droll humor telling you that he was the one who invented Q-Tips. And you in your innocence thinking that you had won a live pig in a raffle and even going to the extent of making a bed for it in your closet.....only to find you had won packaged pork!

What a kick! I needed this.
I love you Jess.

Auntie Vee said...

The pig story was pretty funny! I remember a story about your mom when she was little... and I hope I remember it right! One day she asked GG if she could have an elephant. And GG told her that if she was outside playing and found an elephant... she could certainly have it! She ran outside all happy and excited and after a while she came back in all sad and dejected and told GG that she didn't have a saddle!!