{blog friendship box with my desert love addition on the bottom}
I'm not sure what number attempt this is to "get back in the swing" of blogging again. Whatever number...here we go again! It is very apparent to me that writing is a very important outlet in which to better express myself. Sometimes I struggle to let it all out, and in writing it just all comes so easily and fluidly (for the most part). ;) Like I mentioned before (nearly 3 months ago), I have been working on a new space. I haven't really been working. I have a new space, where I have done little work, but have big hopes for. I know it will all come together at exactly the right time. I am just assuming that right now, right here is a good place to be. One thing that I have been meaning to post about for what seems like EONS is the blog friendship box that Boho sent me late last summer. She wrote about it here. The origins and travel diary of the box can be found here. The luscious creator of the box is the beautiful Teeni. I held on to that little box for way longer than I was supposed to. Perhaps it was just what I needed as I journeyed through a tumultuous several months in my life...a little token and reminder of friendship and lovely energy. It sat on my nightstand, reminding me of the journey and the messages it had taken. Every time I glanced at it, I thought of the women whose hands had held it who I will probably never meet but had already crossed energetic paths with. After a long and rocky 6 months, I was finally motivated to send it on it's light and beautiful way. I couldn't think of anyone more strongly to hand it off to than the wonderful Jenica. And so, it has left my home. The treasury and the sense of belonging bestowed on me through it's time in my care will forever be held dear. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a rich circle and for understanding my deep, unconscious need to be stingy and untimely in my passing it on.