my sweet sisters Jamie and Cory
I keep looking over this picture and just smiling because of the way it tells a story and captures a silly moment. I also am loving it because it speaks to us of what we capture through film and how much power that holds. I keep thinking about the pictures I take now, and what they might come to mean to the people who will find them years from now. It all kind of helps me feel connected. I have been wandering down that little avenue of connectedness and family... of those who have come before and those who have yet to come...of death and new life.
We have been reading a lot about the different winter customs around the world. We have been learning about the winter solstice and how, for thousands of years, people have been celebrating the return of the light. A theme that runs throughout many of the world's winter traditions is the theme of light.
So, I have been holding that in my heart, and thinking on what it means to me...and making intention to bring consciousness into this home on the blessings of light and the promises of new beginnings. I'm really enjoying finding meaning and creating tradition and exploring ideas during this specific season...it all kind of settles into me like a sweet song.
And...it seems to give me this glint of hopeful energy on these days where my babies are sick with the flu...on these days where it can sometimes be hard to remember the whole picture in the cycle of life. It all comes together through shared moments of light and love.


the light around and among us

i can't seem to find my voice lately...days come and go and it takes all of my energy just to make it through to the end with enough of the day being spent playing and making and enjoying the light as it shines for shorter and shorter periods of time. my energy is being pulled in lots of different directions...all of them right here in my own little world...but it doesn't leave me with much in the form of documenting and writing. i feel a bit lost with all of that but find great comfort in drawing my arms around this little family and pulling them close and snuggling in to the warmth of everything this season holds. i feel that need...a need to hold my little ones close and to draw myself in. i am not sure if it is "winter" (because i'm not quite sure that you can call this winter over here)...but something is causing me to retreat a bit and just hang tight to what i know and love.
i've been really blessed with these small moments of understanding that the world really is a lovely place. after one of my tires blew out yesterday...i was met with an angel of kindness...who so totally went out of his way to be of assistance to me. he enlarged my faith in human kind and gave me a moment to look back on when that same faith begins to narrow and shrink. i also had an unusually sweet exchange with a few kind souls at a Harley Davidson store this afternoon. isn't it funny how it feels so rare and strange for someone we don't "know" to place a gentle hand on our shoulder and engage themselves in our lives in a way that feels so comfortable and familiar. i love when people just let their hearts out on their sleeves and make you want to stay longer and talk more and take off your shoes for a visit. mmmm...i think i will go back there for a recharge if i ever need one!
so, although i haven't been making time to be here lately...i have been savoring some very sweet, fun and cozy moments. i thought posting some pictures of just a few of them would be a nice way of "catching up" a bit.
a short picture story of just a few (but very sweet) moments had in our corner of the world.
making pine cone bird feeders just in time for the rain
making, hanging and opening our advent envelopes with small slips of fun found inside!
a rare night out for me and Josh attending his work holiday party cookie baking and eating with my wonderful sisters and mom brown paper packages tied up with string...and inside? some of the sweetest ornaments ever for us to exchange.

christmas tree hunting at dusk

on the prowl

sweet sentiments all around and finally...finding the perfect one for us, bringing it home and making it all our own.


stopping in...

I really didn't intend to take a break from here for an entire week! It seems to have just happened. I don't have a USB chord to help me transfer my pictures to the computer (babies AND dogs like to use those for chew toys)...I spent a good 24 hours housing a nasty flu bug in my body...and I also just felt a need to draw back a bit...a full mind. All of it contributes to why I haven't posted. But...more consistent I shall be.
the sweet one year old
photo by debbie
Journey's birthday party was so sweet. She was surrounded by many people who love and cherish her. What more could a girl ask for? I am always so thankful for the amount of support and love that exists in these little ones lives.
She also got a slew of gifts...all of them so generously and thoughtfully given. Some of them were handmade and crafted with care...and that kind of gifting simply makes me swoon. I keep running my hands over them and soaking in their artistic beauty many times a day. I'll have to show a few of those in another post.
A lovely day for a truly lovely little gal.
in his sweet dreams photo by debbie I have been trying to catch up on my favorite blogs (I haven't re-discovered my rhythm with this just yet)...my minds seems to be quite full and it pours out into my days and somehow there isn't enough time to do all that I would like. I have noticed, though, that in many corners of the world...there is snow drifting down onto the earth and leaving behind a blanket of white to be played in and enjoyed (or not!). We, of course, have nothing of the sort...and so, it always seems to take a bit more effort for me to try and get into the spirit of the holidays. It just doesn't "feel" like winter. So...in that attempt...I am trying to engage us in some fun holiday crafting and doing my best to sprinkle the season's light around our home.
journey's first birthday cake...chocolate zucchini, yum!
photo by debbie
It certainly does feel like the holidays in that there is a lot going on and there is a lot to get done. I'm trying to sink into a steady motivation with all that I have decided to make. A bit ambitiously perhaps...but I hope that it all works out to my advantage! Thankfully, I don't think I have committed myself to making anything I am not sure I have the capacity to make. It is just a matter of creating the time. That can be the tricky part in this house.
My most treasured moments in these December days are the dark mornings and evenings...and the coolness that has finally come upon us in those hours...and the way my kettle warms me up just perfectly while I pour myself yet another cup of hot tea.


oh sweet soul

I am craving to read my written account of your birth this morning...and seeing pictures of your newborn self. All of that is still on the old hard drive, so I won't get the chance to do any of that...but I am re-living it all in my heart today. I am thinking about how this time last year, our lives were so incomplete without you and we weren't even aware of it.
One year ago today...I had just woken up and realized that, although my water had broken the night before, there wasn't much action going on throughout the night. I started making plans to go visit an acupuncturist to get needled in hopes of speeding things along naturally and avoiding any medical intervention. We did that around 9 am and then came home and went for a long walk...I took a warm shower and started my hypnobirthing. Around one, I knew that I was in good labor...but was thinking that I had another three or four hours to go. We had to meet my midwife at the birth center at 2 pm because of the situation with my water breaking. I was just hoping that I would be able to stay at the birth center instead of having to go to a hospital to be monitored. And, well...you had plans of your own. Your auntie and uncle came over to drive us in their car. I was having some good contractions and they made a nice comfy bed in the back of their Pilot for me to labor in. Little did we know that a few contractions into the drive...you started making your way out. You trusted that I knew how to birth...you trusted that your daddy would be there to catch you...you trusted so much and made all of us in the car trust as well. I remember eventually surrendering to what was happening and going fully into my work of birthing with the same amount of instinctive "knowing" that you must have felt at the same time. You were born...you were so quiet...you just laid on my belly and looked. Beautiful birth...beautiful you. One year ago today, we didn't know if you were a boy or a girl. We didn't know as intimately the peace of your soul as we do now. We didn't know that your name would fit you so perfectly well and that you would take us on a such a lovely journey with your wisdom and faith. Beautiful girl...beautiful you.
It seems that this year has too quickly come and gone. You have met each milestone with confidence and ease...as if you know exactly how each step is taken. I find myself falling more and more in love with you each and every new day. You brighten our world with your calm...with your laughter...with your ever so precious way about you. The way your eyes take in the world...the way your spirit brings joy to everyone around you. You are a treasure in this place...and my hope for you today is that the world brings you just as much light as you have brought to the world. May you do things that you love today...dance and play and eat sweet peas and bananas. And may you always keep your trust in who you are and what you are meant to do. I learn many magical lessons from your soul.
Beautiful day...Beautiful you.