stopping in...

I really didn't intend to take a break from here for an entire week! It seems to have just happened. I don't have a USB chord to help me transfer my pictures to the computer (babies AND dogs like to use those for chew toys)...I spent a good 24 hours housing a nasty flu bug in my body...and I also just felt a need to draw back a bit...a full mind. All of it contributes to why I haven't posted. But...more consistent I shall be.
the sweet one year old
photo by debbie
Journey's birthday party was so sweet. She was surrounded by many people who love and cherish her. What more could a girl ask for? I am always so thankful for the amount of support and love that exists in these little ones lives.
She also got a slew of gifts...all of them so generously and thoughtfully given. Some of them were handmade and crafted with care...and that kind of gifting simply makes me swoon. I keep running my hands over them and soaking in their artistic beauty many times a day. I'll have to show a few of those in another post.
A lovely day for a truly lovely little gal.
in his sweet dreams photo by debbie I have been trying to catch up on my favorite blogs (I haven't re-discovered my rhythm with this just yet)...my minds seems to be quite full and it pours out into my days and somehow there isn't enough time to do all that I would like. I have noticed, though, that in many corners of the world...there is snow drifting down onto the earth and leaving behind a blanket of white to be played in and enjoyed (or not!). We, of course, have nothing of the sort...and so, it always seems to take a bit more effort for me to try and get into the spirit of the holidays. It just doesn't "feel" like winter. So...in that attempt...I am trying to engage us in some fun holiday crafting and doing my best to sprinkle the season's light around our home.
journey's first birthday cake...chocolate zucchini, yum!
photo by debbie
It certainly does feel like the holidays in that there is a lot going on and there is a lot to get done. I'm trying to sink into a steady motivation with all that I have decided to make. A bit ambitiously perhaps...but I hope that it all works out to my advantage! Thankfully, I don't think I have committed myself to making anything I am not sure I have the capacity to make. It is just a matter of creating the time. That can be the tricky part in this house.
My most treasured moments in these December days are the dark mornings and evenings...and the coolness that has finally come upon us in those hours...and the way my kettle warms me up just perfectly while I pour myself yet another cup of hot tea.


daisies said...

glad you are feeling better :) these photos are so lovely ~ and how i wish i could share a cup of tea with you and some of my snow too, tee hee ... missed you, xox

Debbie said...

Those are some of my favorite pictures from Journey's big day! It was a wonderful day, actually any day I get to spend with your amazing family is a wonderful day! Hope you are feeling better and finding your rhythm again! Hope to call soon with news about our new little bugger :)

Nonnie said...

missed you too, sweetie :), but know it's been busy and then of course....the bug!
journey's day was wonderful and warming.....it was a grand time had by all...and her cake...delicious!

cassie said...

i've been waiting for something new! glad you are back and let me know if you need any help with your projects.

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