blissed out beauty.

i figure if i wait any longer to get on here and write. well, i fear i just won't ever post again. so here i am. hi there. ;)
today was such a beautiful day. seriously. the weather could NOT have been any more perfect and despite the fact that my allergies are making me c.r.a.z.y. (i have to blame something, right?)...i spent a good chunk of time outdoors with my little ones. playing. painting. digging in our garden.
here is what we came out with:
is that not entirely blissful or what?
grown by our own hands and nourished from the earth mother.
so friggin' awesome.
i get hyped up every time i walk out there and look at all the LIFE.
life that sustains and strengthens more life.
it's crazy.
this cycle of living.
any who.
all of our root plants are thriving.
the frost killed our squash plants.
i killed our beans.
and peas.
and our lettuce just NOW decided to sprout.
strange little lettuce.
and our broccoli?
well...let me just have you say hello.
wowza, huh?
but when is this thing supposed to grow the heads that we eat?
any ideas?
because i love me some broccoli and these plants are just taunting me.
i just wanted to share those with you because it is hard for me to explain just how much i love growing some of our own food.
it completely fulfills me.
and the taste of these vegetables is so incredibly alive as well.
let me just roll with that for a minute because somehow that coincides with how i am experiencing myself at the moment.
rooted. alive. growing. expanding.
my head has been so busy the past several months that i didn't even really give it a second thought...the NEW year and how i was going to spend it.
the night came and went but i was so completely surprised to find myself with this bright, steady, hopeful energy sweeping across my face the next day...kissing my cheeks and waking me up to a new year.
a year i have vowed to dedicate as one where i create abundant JOY. one where i courageously and honestly unveil more of my vibe. my soul-ful-ness. my passions and energy and love.
i know this year holds bliss and i am going to courageously uncover it.
i hold tight to that momentum.
and of course there have been moments where i slip and think
"what is this? the same old thing. the same old habits. the same."
but i am aware. and i am loving even that.
i've been connecting with beautiful, beautiful souls.
of course i have made lists (you know this of me, yes...i love the lists).
i got my nose pierced.
i have been swooning over my new day planner.
delighting in the weather paradise that is winter in the desert.
celebrating five years of marriage with my husband, sushi and some pool.
remembering my youth by doing flips on the trampoline.
scheming up a brand new blog that is in the works.
anticipating the honest laughter and meaningful conversation with my kindred when she comes to visit in less than two weeks!
drinking deep red wine.
reading this book. and loving it.
having some really, truly, deeply fun photography sessions.
being called an indian princess with my newly dyed black (ish) hair.
finding the ultimate dream-of-mine vanagon for sale. bright yellow and white. and then remembering why it wouldn't be all that reasonable to buy it now. i can't remember why i shouldn't at this moment though. i've think reason is over rated.
i've been reconnecting with my love for writing, and i've been doing it on the pages of my notebooks and it feels oh so very good.
feeling supported and encouraged by those pockets of communities i am attracting who know and understand various pieces of my being.
listening to music i absolutely cannot get enough of
dreaming really, really, really big and holding out hope that dreams come true.
watching my children just grow and soak up every ounce of their world, every single day.
saying yes a little bit more...
and looking for connection along the way.
i hope you are blissing out your brand new year.
there is so much love to be had.