country road, city life

i have been feeling that ache for simplicity. that drive for the bare minimum. that call to let go and detox... to rid myself of the extra. i went out to the farm with my grandpa and the kids yesterday, and it was a great nourishment to me because life was visually abundant. and it was all organic, natural, rooted in earth. i don't know to what length i will travel on my journey to sustainability and simplicity. i am going to keep walking though. and do my best to lighten my load. and i remember that i get nurtured when i step into those spaces of re-connecting with what is important to me. i get fed through being WITH nature. i get inspired by being around different cultures. i get livened when i hear music and see stories played out. i feel more awake when i can visit downtown areas and play. and when i can see simplicity and city go hand in hand. there are pockets of places that speak my language. i just need to spend more time in them. resting and singing my songs.

stand by me and playing for change

So, for the first time in my life...I am living in a house that has high speed internet. Oh my. The world is at my fingertips. And VIDEOS. VIDEOS!!!! I get to watch on-line videos. So, I might be a little video happy for the next month or so...but there is so much beauty to see and share. I logged on just a few minutes and saw this little video on the corner of my screen. I clicked it and watched. And, was brought to tears, because music does that to me... especially
beautiful music I wanted to know more so I went to this site: playing for change Because that is how it all started. And it is a beautiful movement, a beautiful message, a beautiful world. Enjoy!


check out this love. i am completely taken by this man...and that video. so beautiful.



incredible beauty surrounds me in every moment. it is as accessible as the sun during long summer days. how do i forget to see? how can i forget to hear? those bright bodies of truth... those soft chimes of faith. around me. within me. beside me. here.


*sigh* i've been breathing in. and out. and in. and out again. over and over, i come back. come back. come back. come back home. i'm forever on that path of self work, self realization, self love... but it seems that i have been in a place of deep work, deep realization, deep love. and i've been wrapped in a cocoon of healing...with scar tissue creating a home for my growing heart. i keep visiting this place and realizing that it is it's own type of home for me, for my writing, for my sharing self and for the parts of me that help make me whole. i'm feeling the urge to revamp a little... so hopefully the time in which to do that will settle into my formed lap like a warm cup of tea cradled between two stable hands. it is always a little bit intimidating for me to come back here, again, after so much time. after readers have left. after time has been spent. and experience has taken me into change and composition. it requires bravery on my part to step into the writing again. because, i have been without that practice for quite some time...finding my expression in other means. but writing is a part of who i am. and it continues to be so. and i will begin. again.