country road, city life

i have been feeling that ache for simplicity. that drive for the bare minimum. that call to let go and detox... to rid myself of the extra. i went out to the farm with my grandpa and the kids yesterday, and it was a great nourishment to me because life was visually abundant. and it was all organic, natural, rooted in earth. i don't know to what length i will travel on my journey to sustainability and simplicity. i am going to keep walking though. and do my best to lighten my load. and i remember that i get nurtured when i step into those spaces of re-connecting with what is important to me. i get fed through being WITH nature. i get inspired by being around different cultures. i get livened when i hear music and see stories played out. i feel more awake when i can visit downtown areas and play. and when i can see simplicity and city go hand in hand. there are pockets of places that speak my language. i just need to spend more time in them. resting and singing my songs.


kimberly said...

our "perfect" picture may not come to fruition, so it is nice to know these little spots of renewing exist......just need to find them and enjoy them i guess!

Journey Wildly said...


I've visited your sacred space here several times over the past few months. I so enjoy the vibe here. I have also visited your blogroll, and found that you surround yourself with other peaceful souls. Thank you for shining a little light their way!

And thank you for creating this serendipitous little place!!


The Magic Onions said...

It's so important to understand ourselves, to know what refuels our souls, what fills us up so that we can give out of ourselves again. And it's a constant remembering lest we forget and get all depleted again. Thanks for reminding me...

gem said...

traveled here via Boho Girl*
what a heartFULL space*