stand by me and playing for change

So, for the first time in my life...I am living in a house that has high speed internet. Oh my. The world is at my fingertips. And VIDEOS. VIDEOS!!!! I get to watch on-line videos. So, I might be a little video happy for the next month or so...but there is so much beauty to see and share. I logged on just a few minutes and saw this little video on the corner of my screen. I clicked it and watched. And, was brought to tears, because music does that to me... especially
beautiful music I wanted to know more so I went to this site: playing for change Because that is how it all started. And it is a beautiful movement, a beautiful message, a beautiful world. Enjoy!


kimberly said...

oh man......made my morning, sitting here dancing in my chair and feeling the good!!!!
thanks for sharing!

oh and congrats on highspeed! :)

moonboots said...

So Starbucks is partnered with the Playing for Change people and they gave me the DVD in New Orleans last october and I actually got to see Grandpa Elliot perform live. We are going to be selling the CD/ DVD in store in the next couple weeks - I can copy the CD for you too. LOVE IT.