my sweet sisters Jamie and Cory
I keep looking over this picture and just smiling because of the way it tells a story and captures a silly moment. I also am loving it because it speaks to us of what we capture through film and how much power that holds. I keep thinking about the pictures I take now, and what they might come to mean to the people who will find them years from now. It all kind of helps me feel connected. I have been wandering down that little avenue of connectedness and family... of those who have come before and those who have yet to come...of death and new life.
We have been reading a lot about the different winter customs around the world. We have been learning about the winter solstice and how, for thousands of years, people have been celebrating the return of the light. A theme that runs throughout many of the world's winter traditions is the theme of light.
So, I have been holding that in my heart, and thinking on what it means to me...and making intention to bring consciousness into this home on the blessings of light and the promises of new beginnings. I'm really enjoying finding meaning and creating tradition and exploring ideas during this specific season...it all kind of settles into me like a sweet song.
And...it seems to give me this glint of hopeful energy on these days where my babies are sick with the flu...on these days where it can sometimes be hard to remember the whole picture in the cycle of life. It all comes together through shared moments of light and love.


daisies said...

:) this just made me smile! xox

rowdypea said...

I hope your babies are feeling better!
I agree, it's fascinating to learn about how others are celebrating thie very special time of year.
And can I just say I think having two sisters must be twice as nice as having one. That is a very sweet photo!!

Nonnie said...

you have brought a lot of blessings to your sweet home....hope little asher and journey girl are feeling themselves very soon!

Cory said...

Hey, I didn't even know this picture got taken :) I was just talking to Britt about focusing on traditions I would like to start with our little family. I miss you sister :)

Debbie said...

That is a great picture Jess. I love how you create such meaningful and educational traditions in your home. I hope your little ones get better soon. Jacob wants to meet them! :)

Jme said...

I know exactly what picture I was looking at...and it's funny! :) If mom lets me, maybe I'll post it on my blog. :)
Love you!

cassie said...

i miss reading a new post everyday, jess...it somehow made me feel so much more connected to you and your family. i love photos too...and would be VERY interested to know which picture made jamie laugh so hard. permision or not, jamie, your blog needs a new post!

Nonnie said...

permission not given! :) and santa is leaving alllllll your presents here........... :)

Simplicity Wins said...

This is a great picture of your two sweet sisters. You are becoming such a great photographer. I hope Asher and Journey are feeling better soon.
Miss you