the light around and among us

i can't seem to find my voice lately...days come and go and it takes all of my energy just to make it through to the end with enough of the day being spent playing and making and enjoying the light as it shines for shorter and shorter periods of time. my energy is being pulled in lots of different directions...all of them right here in my own little world...but it doesn't leave me with much in the form of documenting and writing. i feel a bit lost with all of that but find great comfort in drawing my arms around this little family and pulling them close and snuggling in to the warmth of everything this season holds. i feel that need...a need to hold my little ones close and to draw myself in. i am not sure if it is "winter" (because i'm not quite sure that you can call this winter over here)...but something is causing me to retreat a bit and just hang tight to what i know and love.
i've been really blessed with these small moments of understanding that the world really is a lovely place. after one of my tires blew out yesterday...i was met with an angel of kindness...who so totally went out of his way to be of assistance to me. he enlarged my faith in human kind and gave me a moment to look back on when that same faith begins to narrow and shrink. i also had an unusually sweet exchange with a few kind souls at a Harley Davidson store this afternoon. isn't it funny how it feels so rare and strange for someone we don't "know" to place a gentle hand on our shoulder and engage themselves in our lives in a way that feels so comfortable and familiar. i love when people just let their hearts out on their sleeves and make you want to stay longer and talk more and take off your shoes for a visit. mmmm...i think i will go back there for a recharge if i ever need one!
so, although i haven't been making time to be here lately...i have been savoring some very sweet, fun and cozy moments. i thought posting some pictures of just a few of them would be a nice way of "catching up" a bit.
a short picture story of just a few (but very sweet) moments had in our corner of the world.
making pine cone bird feeders just in time for the rain
making, hanging and opening our advent envelopes with small slips of fun found inside!
a rare night out for me and Josh attending his work holiday party cookie baking and eating with my wonderful sisters and mom brown paper packages tied up with string...and inside? some of the sweetest ornaments ever for us to exchange.

christmas tree hunting at dusk

on the prowl

sweet sentiments all around and finally...finding the perfect one for us, bringing it home and making it all our own.


Nonnie said...

definitely some very sweet moments captured! it is so necessary to remember these times in all of the hustle and bustle.......after all this is what this season is all about.

daisies said...

this was such a beautiful visit, what beautiful images of your life, your love and your amazing creativity :)

i leave here with a smile on my face! xoxox

Jme said...

Looks like the holidays are in full bloom in your part of the world. :) I love the glowing Christmas tree...it looks so warm and cozy.
What a beautiful family!! :)
Love you!

rebecca said...

oh jessamyn...i do so love coming over to visit. you have such a way of writing...your voice is that of an angel.

nice picture of the Fam and the tree looks magnificent!

Auntie Vee said...

Speaking of kind souls...I found one at Home Depot! A friend wanted me to install a mantel over her fireplace. (People seem to think I can do all this stuff!) Anyway I couldn't find studs in the right places...so went to Home Depot to find a longer piece of wood and see if they would cut it with a beveled edge. This real nice man helped us and said they didn't have a way to cut it there but he would be happy to take it home and cut it and bring it back the next day - which he did! Now that was special!!! I must say I was pretty stressed out - but with the new piece of wood - I got the mantel hung and I didn't destroy her wall in the process!

Nonnie said...

we think you can do all these things.......because you always have, vonda jean! and obviously, you still can! So you couldn't find any STUDS in the right places? :)

prairie daze said...


ceanandjen said...

I do indeed think that the time of year has something to do with this need to withdraw and retreat; it is almost as though there is nothing to do but go with what our insides are telling us.

It sounds like you have definitely had bits and pieces of little treasures throughout your days though and oh how I love when someone or something unexpected restores our faith in human kind. Sometimes it just gets so hard to see that good through all of the muck.

Beautiful picture of your sweet family; I hope that you had a wonderful time at the Xmas party!

Sending you love and thank you so very much for your beautiful comment on my last post.xoxoxo

amanda said...

What a cute family you are!! this little photo essay is just too sweet for words.

Debbie said...

Love your beautiful family and the memories that you guys create! Glad you and Josh got a night out to yourselves, you deserve it!

bella said...

The waning light does the same for me, makes me want to gather things to me, wrap myself up in comfort and wrap others inside my love.
And I loved these pictures. I felt I got to see your life, the creativity you bring to daily things, which is truly extraordinary.

Melissa Stephenson said...

You guys really are a handsome family. I can't believe Journey is a year old! =)