some days

There are days where you have plans. Plans to donate your bags full of "stuff" to the local Goodwill. Plans to continue cleaning and bagging and sorting and ridding. Plans to take on the garage and make a dent. Plans to visit the fabric store so you can FINALLY get started on that TV cover and curtains. Plans to start reading this book with your kids outside on a blanket and then come inside to make strings of leaves that you collected last month when you were up north. Plans to work on some art that you started last week that is moving very s.l.o.w.l.y. Plans. Some days you have plans.
And sometimes, on these days where there are so many plans...it is best to call your sister and ask her to come over for a visit. It is best to make a fresh lunch and to have her show up with yummy rolls for all of us and two caffeine free cokes...one for me...one for her! It is best to play HALLOWEEN with a little three year old who asks you to select your very own imaginary costume from his very large imaginary costume rack...and then it is best to have him help you get imaginary dressed and for him to tell you that you are a pink bat and that your sister is an eagle and that the dog is a duck and that his baby sister is a pirate. It is best to decide to go visit a friend and to see her beautiful belly and to watch your children play together and argue over animals. It is best to come back home and take a short, sweet nap with your babes and to wake up just in time to dance around before you start dinner. Oh yes...sometimes all of that is best.
There are days where you have plans...and there are days where all the plans go out the window and instead you just do what is best.


denise said...

Just found your blog. Lovely!

Debbie said...

I am so happy that your plans changed for the day! It was so nice to see all of you. Josie could not stop talking about Asher and Journey the rest of the day (and of course Aunt Britt, Wyatt and you!). Glad you all got a nap though! Enjoy another beautiful day :)

Sara said...

i was so glad to read your post this morning...we went the park instead of laundry...much better choice!

daisies said...

:) those are the best days!!