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Asher has recently acquired quite an interest in my camera. Whenever I have it out, he wants to take turns...and I usually oblige. I like seeing what he sees and how he views things. I have been wanting to share a few of his photos on this space for a while and was motivated to finally do it when I read this post over at Journey Mama. I have quite a collection now, as it has been several months that he started wanting to experiment with seeing and clicking through a lens (well...a digital screen is not quite a lens...but you know). I had a hard time picking out which ones to share with you. I tried to come up with a variety that tells a little story of his world.

his hand

notice how it is in the "claw" position. he uses this for all things that growl.

a cup (and a very dirty floor documented for all to see)

dinosaur on a blanket

i like how the focal point isn't centered on this one.

mama delivering on the photographers request to say "cheese" daddy doing dishes

and a self portrait!

(one of my favorites at the moment)

Aren't they fun? I really enjoyed searching through the pictures he has taken. They are intermixed with all of the ones I take throughout our days and I always get delighted to see things from such a different perspective than I do. I like what he sees.


Cory said...

These are precious Jess!!! I love the view into his world.

Cory said...

PS. I love that self portrait he took!!!! Priceless :)

Nonnie said...

fun, fun....i have a few now on my camera as well! :)

Jenny said...

So much fun! Isn't it fascinating to see life from a different perspective. It kinda let's you get a brief glimpse of what he sees in the day.

Auntie Vee said...

That's amazing how well he holds the camera still! The kid is brilliant!!

GG said...

My favorite one is "Daddy Doing Dishes". I was up very early this Sunday morning doing a sink full of dishes that could not possibly hold one more dish, cup or spoon. I WAS NOT SMILING!!! I never smile during any kind of household chores.
So If Daddy Doing Dishes could smile; then I have to disagree with Auntie V...Daddy is the Brilliant one!!

daisies said...

these are amazing, the world through his eyes :) he is quite the little photographer i think ... xox