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It's Journey's first birthday tomorrow. Tomorrow she is one. I am in denial. I have been thinking of her as a forever baby, and while she is still quite young, I can't deny how much she is expanding in her life. I've already been so sentimental today. After dinner we all piled in the van and went for a cruise to look at lights. We did that same thing this night last year...and when we got home, I started leaking amniotic fluid and then my water broke without any contractions and the next day...voila! I gave birth to my baby girl in the car.
Right now I will refrain from getting lost into the mystery and magic of her birth...more on that tomorrow perhaps.
I wanted to make Journey a birthday crown for her special day...and didn't know where to go for any kind of pattern...so I just made something up. You can certainly tell that was the case with this...but I don't think she minds the flaws one bit. She has been wearing it around and even attempting to put it on herself! That gives me lots of joy.
Today it rained all day...it is still raining. We haven't seen this much rain in a looooooooong time...it is so thirst quenching and incredibly lovely. My door and windows were open the entire day and my babies loved trotting in and out of the rain. Journey was especially fond of playing in it...I have never seen her so excited over anything. We played and got cold and then came inside and took a warm bath and put our slippers on and cuddled close. We also listened to holiday music the entire day. All of that is quite a combination to put one in the crafty mood. I have several crafts in mind that I hope to engage Asher in this year...we tried a few today...but the rain beckoned, and making things just wasn't the priority. But for whatever reason I have this amazing amount of energy for getting things rolling. I have our winter decorations out and up this past week...there are snowflakes all over our windows and that always makes me want to drink lots of hot chocolate and spiced cider.
I've also been lost in the world of browsing on line for gifts. Oh my. I get overwhelm from all of the splendor of natural toys and imaginative play props out there...not to mention all of the handmade deliciousness on etsy. I have pledged myself to buy handmade this year...and to make a good chunk of my gifts. And while there is a possibility that a store bought item (or two ) might find their way into my gift giving...most all of them will be handmade or thrifted. That makes the upcoming holidays seem extra cozy to me.
So...nablopomo is coming to an end. It has been a good ride for me...this practice of being present here every day. It feels weird to not have that obligation anymore. Like, I will either keep posting every day or I will just rebel and forget all about it. I think the case might be that I have found a good ritual here...and I think it is good for me to keep it up (not every day...I will spare you the boredom!). I will probably be more consistent in this sphere though...and will challenge myself to write and photograph and create and live in ways that are good and pleasing to my soul.
Thanks for joining me...and for all of your loving encouragement.
I am blessed.


Julie said...

Wow! I can't believe Journey will be one tomorrow. I, for one, love birth stories, so bring it on! I also want to commend you for sticking to your writing goal. You definitely have the gift of words!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Journey girl! I was thinking about you guys yesterday with all the rain. So happy you were able to enjoy it and celebrate this season and your wonderful family. I can not wait to see what is in your creative head, maybe I can get some ideas from you! :)

I have loved reading your blog everyday this month. It is such a wonderful way to start my day. I was never bored with any of your posts! They all showed the uniqueness and diversity that is YOU!

Jme said...

No don't stop!! How will I start each morning?? :)
I've been thinking about little Jo a lot too. She's such a special little angel girl. Seriously can't believe it's been a year!

daisies said...

congratulations on nablopomo ~ i have so enjoyed getting to know you more :) much love! xox