head in the mud

a hungry flamingo we met on our trip to the wildlife world zoo yesterday

it was a cloudy, grey sky day today. and i loved it. i love grey sky. i stayed in my pajamas all.day.long....which has somehow made me completely and utterly useless for getting anything done. i cozied up with my babies. one who needed to be worn and nursed all day because of a low grade fever and the other who was taking the freedom of having a lazy-day mama around to his advantage. i pretty much pretended not to hear or see anything at all today.
it was a good day...but i am falling asleep at the keyboard.
be well.


Cory said...

I love these kind of days!!!!!

daisies said...

sounds like a lovely cozy day and am so happy you are enjoying it .. xox

ceanandjen said...

it sounds like it was one of those days that we so need every once in awhile...I feel into bed at 8:45 last night, which is completely unheard of for me...something is in that November air.

wishing you a wonderful weekend.xoxo