thankful thursday

my june bug...perhaps feeling thankful for the shade
well isn't it nice to have one another?! thanks, friends, for your kindness in response to my last post. i always feel a bit vulnerable when i put out more of the "personal" bits and pieces of my moments...so it is quite connective for me to hear your thoughts and understanding. i am the kind of soul who looks for meaning and adventure along every path i walk. i often feel like i am walking alone...but it is in these kind of encounters where i am reminded of our interconnectedness and the human capacity to empathize through shared experience. my days are so full...they are full of challenge and full of responsibility and full of single moments that hold both joy and sadness, magic and mystery, adventure and predictability, patience and frustration, anger and love, longing and contentment. we are all living a journey...but the opportunities always arrive where we can slip into one another's path and leave our footprints along the way. i am feeling quite thankful for your little bits of encouragement and assurance in this space. i never know if i express myself eloquently enough to be understood...or how much can be misinterpreted along the way without the human interaction of it all...but i am confident that none of that matters so much, really. even if my words happen to be confused with different intention or meaning...i trust that getting them OUT is what is important...and then how you respond to them is not for me to worry over. so...thank you for sharing this space with me in such a kind and gentle way. i never know where this journey takes me...my life. i can drift between seasons of exquisite clarity and calming peace into the realms of uncertainty and longing. wherever i find myself though, i can trust that there is always quite a bit dwelling within me...which, when given adequate attention, has the potential of taking me somewhere interesting. it helps to know that i have such a golden group of people sprinkling the paths that i choose to walk...offering up their own support and understanding.
thanks for that.
**today, in part because of this thankfulness on the heart, i got inspired to start my second mixed media project. so...keep your eyes open for something in the next few weeks!


Debbie said...

Jess, one thing you never have to worry about is being eloquent enough! :) You are one of the most beautiful writers that I know. I love how you express your creativity in so many ways. I can not wait to see what your next project is like! It was so nice to see you yesterday. Josie woke up talking about Asher!

Nonnie said...

little asher sure reminds me of his auntie meme in that picture!

i was at the bookstore and looking at the somerset magazine......wanting to do a mixed media project also. maybe you can share some info!

Anonymous said...

More proof that you're not alone!

daisies said...

:) oh can't wait to see your art piece! excitement!