life is short...play hard

Remember when the only thing you had to "do" during the day was PLAY??? and your biggest concern was not IF but HOW you were going to have FUN???
This little boy helps me remember what is important in this lifetime...it's all about LIVING.


GG said...

Life repeats itself...it really does. I have pictures (almost carbon copies of these babies' Nonnie, or grandma, my daughter Kim when she was their age)
sliding down slides, swinging and various activities just like these babies.

Jamie Feigner said...

I remember...and I also remember that it didn't matter how cold/hot it was outside. Now, at 32, I couldn't go play with you guys at the park cuz it was "freezing" outside! :) I really should make it more about the "living"!

Nonnie said...

Such a zest for "living"!!! The pictures sure capture his joy and excitement. What could be a better day?