hungry escalator + flip flops = new pair of shoes

Last night...for whatever reason...I was compelled to go to the mall after I picked up Josh from work. I am somewhat intimidated by the mall and I thought that it would be a perfect little family outing, with Josh there to assist with the children. A sweet chance to use the gift card to Forever 21 that I had received for my birthday. We were making our way down the escalator, and like any "normal" person...I always enjoy letting my feet just slide over the exit ramp when riding an escalator. The last little nudge from the machine always is somewhat of a thrill for me...just a little something that says "ok...here ya go...now it is up to you". I don't know why...I just like being pushed over the last hump by something other than my own force. So...as I was doing this...somehow my left flip flop got stuck in the escalator! Josh tried to rescue it but it was too late...all he escaped with was a "piece" of my shoe. The rest was taken to the secret lair of the escalator munchkins. What was left as evidence for all to ponder on as they make their own ways down is the strap that used to be snug in between my first and second toes. Alas...as I stood there in disbelief..."does stuff like this happen to ANYBODY else?"...I spotted a shoe store. So strategically placed. What I normally wouldn't buy on just a whim...I have found a great attraction to. Here they are, my new shoes!
Aren't they cute? As for the the flip flops? My lonely right flip flop found a place among the "stuff" that occupies the back seat of the car...and the left one? I'm only guessing that it has found a haven among all the other lefties that get eaten by the hungry escalators...I know I can't be the only one. Funny thing is, I feel like this has happened to me before, only I can't remember if it actually has. Oh well...I have moved on, and I like my new shoes!


Nonnie said...

That is hilarious Jess! I can only imagine you standing there, not believing what just happened! AND having to deal with having only one shoe!
You need to see "Pursuit of Happyness"!

Jme said...

That's a funny story ~ I really wonder where all the items go that get eaten by the escalator! Cute shoes ~ maybe I should try that tactic at the mall sometime! :)

Beth said...

i've always heard that could happen, but i didn't really believe it until now! how crazy! i REALLY like your new shoes

Simplicity Wins said...

That is too funny! I hope the munchkins are enjoying your left flip-flop....humm....were you just looking for an excuse to buy new shoes???? They are really cute!