brilliant and beautiful

a recent conversation that won't escape my heart
"describe asher to me"
"well..." and words begin seeping out of me before i even feel i have formed them in my mind...
"extremely spirited...wildly passionate...tender and ferocious all at once...assertive...giving...incredibly strong minded...operates at a high frequency...bold...full of love and life...explosive...emotional...intuitive...confident...expressive...authentic...energetically sensitive...endless...brilliant...and...beautiful."
"so, in other words, he has such a HUGE spirit that sometimes he has a real hard time containing it in such a small body"
"why, yes, that is my asher."
what a beautiful composition of words to attribute to this being. he is all of these things and as my arms wrapped around him this evening while he surrendered to the exhaustion of a long day of play in the sun, i attempted to wrap my mind around all that he is...and all that he has experienced in this lifetime...and all that he will become. I suddenly (though not for the first time) felt so honored and humbled in that moment...he chose me. what am i to do with such HUGEness?


tia said...

oh how i love that little ball of fire! mom told me that when i talked to him today he told me "bye bye nonnie, bye bye nonnie" and then started hugging the phone. tears started coming down and i had to start my rehabilitation all over again. make sure to give him lots of kisses from his tia...and tonight tell him that i believe in him.

tia said...

by the way, i took that photo of his bold little hand while he played the piano with avery. :)

Debbie said...

Your words once again made me tear up. You are a lucky woman. Such wonderfully strong children. Both are blessings to you and you to them. We love having you in our lives. Josie is lucky to call a person like Asher friend

Nonnie said...

That is a great set of words to be described with. He is ALL of those things, in one little package!
He, on every day, can be seen living life to the fullest.
He takes you along for the ride with every thing he is feeling. From the joy of "Again?" with his new Saur Bubble Machine, to his dejected slump when Papa had to level the dirt for the little brick fence and didn't need his "help"! :)
I think it's amazing that he evokes so much, and he's not quite 3!!! Obviously, I'm a fan! :)

Jme said...

Jess ~ This made me well up too. So often we are found making sure kids do things the "right way" and stop to forget that something different than our idea might be the right way for them and that we need to embrace "hugeness", "smallness", "anythingness" that makes them the person they are. You and Asher will learn together how to maneuver through life with such HUGEness. I have every faith in that! :)

GG said...

Jessie, all of the words you used to describe Asher really do apply to him. But another word that I think of regarding him is AMAZING. As his great grandfather I really don't see him all that often. And when I do see him at family gatherings I don't like to pick and pull at him because he has so many people vying for his attention until he gets out of sorts about it. So I mainly just try to observe him. And this is what I observe....He is a physically beautiful child; He knows his own mind; He is smart as a whip; He has times when he spontaneously is generous with his love; And even though he can be self absorbed in so many things he nearly always is cognizant of what is going on around him. He is the fulfillment of all that we anticipated when we impatiently awaited his birth. He really is an amazing little person and at almost 79 years old I get teary eyed when I realize that I will not be present to see him reach his full potential...and that is really a hell of a lot to miss out on because he is such a child of promise. But I am so proud that my genes are in him and that he is of my flesh and bone. My lineage will live on in him and his progeny and he at such a tender age makes me proud to be his great grandfather.

I love you my little Asher boy and I am full of pride to have you as my great grandson.

Love, GG