Bringing the fun (and the color) into monday

A glorious day in the backyard. The giggles of small children...the warm sun on our skin...sharing time with my sister...chocolate covered strawberries...what could be better? Well, maybe changing your toddler four different times because he won't stay out of the water after saying "all done", getting out, drying off, putting on fresh new clothes....and then running away from mom...right into the pool full of water. Now THAT is what FUN looks like! (don't you love the colors in these pics?)


Debbie said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I love the pictures. You are on your way to those breathtaking photographs. I hope the water babies dried out eventually :)

Jamie Feigner said...

ummm, why wasn't I invited to this glorious day of chocolate strawberry eating and sunshine?? :)

Beth said...

i'm jealous of your sunshine monday! it looks like SO much fun! you know i LOVE the color!