children of the world

I bought this puzzle at Changing Hand's Bookstore last week. I thought it would be a simple cultural education tool and a small piece of inspiration for me to do a "people of the world" theme in Asher and Journey's bedroom one of these days. I was so happy when Asher wanted to help me put it together! He really digs it. And although he is mostly just absorbed with concern for the children who look like they are all about to fall in the water...I think it will make a decent conversation starter for us...and could spark some greater learning and understanding. And for that...I am happy.


Jme said...

Oh, I like this. It's exactly what I was looking for for Journey's quilt...and subsequently never found. :( Can you believe they don't make any type of flannel fabric capturing this subject?? Crazy! So...I had to go with what I love ...animals. :)Animals are good too.
I can see how Asher would be concerned about the children falling into the water ~ but I would think he would be more EXCITED for them knowing how much he loves the water himself! :)

Debbie said...

What a sweet picture of Asher. That is a great puzzle. Any toy that teaches about the world around us while having fun is a great one! Hope he gets okay with the kids falling into the water.

GG said...

A beautiful and priceless picture of Asher lying on the rug with the puzzle. I really like it. GG