the day where time stood still

if i am ever so inclined to have an all night movie marathon, last night would have been the perfect night to do just that. Why, you ask? Oh, well...that's because I was already up every hour (at least) with one or both of my chilis. Asher was having a very difficult night. My guess is growing pains, or nightmares, or something else entirely different. All I know is that he didn't get any sleep...none of us did. Asher was only in the mood for mama, so I was pulling double duty between nursing Journey and calming sweet Asher. It was a long night and inevitably, it was extremely evident in our demeanor today. It was, in turn, a very...very...very loooooong day and we were stranded at home without a car because Josh had to work. Not that I mind that...it was just on a day like today...it is nice to have an escape plan. So the following is a list of what we occupied our time with today. Most everything can be multiplied by 5 due to the frequency of us doing them: making breakfast throwing all of our breakfast on the floor cause we're NOT in the mood reading books singing songs playing dinosaurs swimming in our play pool taking a very loooooooong walk in the neighborhood blowing bubbles getting caught in the kite string that is strung from one end of the yard to the other pulling every single solitary thing off of the bookshelf nursing bouncing off the walls bouncing on the ball wrestling tickling yelling at the top of our lungs playing with bubbles rolling from front to back AND back to front (yeah Jo-Jo) laying in the sun picnic in our backyard eating "baby eggs" or JELLYBEANS as they are most commonly called having an unsuccessful "quiet time" in our rooms coloring in our saur book woke up Journey EVERY single time she had just fallen to sleep got undressed and redressed no less than 10 times because of our spontaneous urges to run through the play pool with ALL of our dry clothes on folded laundry and then threw it off the couch as soon as they were all in neat piles And guess what? All of this didn't even fill up one day. Not that it usually does...but today it felt like it SHOULD have and it didn't! So, 4:30 rolled around and I have this exchange of words with Asher. "Do you want to go sit in front of the t.v., kill thousands of brain cells and have your imagination leak out of your nose and ear holes?" To which Asher replies with a hippity hop dance in a circle and joyous sing songy excitement... "YESH....I DO...I DO!" And so we did that too. The Backyardigans are invading our living room and at the moment...I really love them. On another note...who visits us here? I am so curious. Growing up my parents had a guest book in our home and whenever someone would come stay with our family...they would sign it and leave some handwritten love. Let's pretend this post is a guest book and if you come share time out of your day here with us...we would love to know about it! How fun to discover who we share a small bit of our lives with. So...if you feel the urge...leave us some love! And...enjoy the rest of this endless day!


Nonnie said...

Sounds like quite a day!! I think I talked with you when the brain cells were leaking! :) That had me really laughing.

I sure hope he has sweet dreams tonight, so mom and dad can too.

GG said...

Isn't that a song title?? I can remember those days and nights when Kenny was a baby. I can remember pulling strings of mucus out of his throat and nose and being so scared he was going to die on me. I can remember being up with him all one Christmas Eve and at 6AM he and I both sitting under the Christmas tree and both of us crying. Juanita had already put in the early shift with him and she was oblivious to our tears!

Oh you will never forget such days and nights, Jessie, but they become part of the treasury you accumulate while raising children and they actually become priceless memories.

Precious memories....Ah I clearly remember the little tyrant David Washington that lived in our neighborhood and terrorized Kenneth when they were each age 3. Ken would come running and crying to me because David had done some such thing to him. I told him "Don't come running to me crying one more time. You must take up for yourself" So all at once I heard David screaming and I ran out and Ken had David's thumb in his mouth and was close to amputating it with his teeth. It made me remember my cousin Gene whom I could not stand and I teased him all the time and he would run to my Mom and tattle on me. My Mom told him to quit bothering her and to just pick up something and hit me. The nearest thing he found was a hammer with which he hit me in the head. Needless to say this did not improve our relationship.

But all of these experiences become a treasury of memories Jessie and with your writing skills I can visualize a humorous tome published by you in future days. You have the potential of another Erma Bombeck!!

Thanks for your Blog. I check it every day and am disappointed when there are no new entries.
Love you,

Brittni Turgesen said...

What a day!!! I can't wait for them to begin!!! I check your blog every day hoping that you have posted something new!!! I love reading about your days and experiences! Love you.

Debbie said...

Jess, I feel for you girlie! I have had more days like that than I would like to remember. I hope today is going smoother. I hope you know that when you are having days like this, there are moms all over the world having a similar day. The same goes for the wonderfully calm ones as well. I read your blog daily, it makes me smile, giggle and sometimes cry. I feel like I have gotten to know you and your family better through it! See you Thursday at class.

Beth said...

i spent some time with you today, just like most days, i sit down at the computer after my monsters (i mean that lovingly) are in bed, and i anticipate what you might have written to make me smile, laugh, and sometimes cry! i'm so glad that i can see a little glimpse into your life, and know that mine is just as wonderful and crazy, i just couldn't even begin to put it into words as beautifully as you do! thank you for inviting us in!

tia said...

like every one else who has commented, i check your blog every day during the week, hoping that there is a new story to read. i do this, of course, when my students are not in the classroom to see me laugh or tear up. i have a reputation to maintain. :)