i have much to catch up on here in this little space of sanctuary for my thoughts, starting with a re-cap of a very special event that took place this past weekend.
several members from my family (including my mom, uncle and cousin) began their adventure on friday to walk the breast cancer 3-day.
this was the third (and final) year for both my mom and uncle to be walking.
it has been 4 years since i walked with my sister.
it is all still so touching and inspiring to witness.
My involvement seems to shrink as the years go by and the babies multiply and the needs are higher and the tolerance of sitting among throngs of people with little roaming room are shorter...but we always manage to make it out to what we can.
This year I was so happy to be at the opening ceremonies, in which I am always brought to tears and reminded of the heroes in my own life who have been effected by cancer.
a few of the cheerleaders...
It is a weekend of high hope and courage and I am always in awe of what people can do when there is something moving them forward...something called cause.

I'll be catching up in bits and pieces as the days move forward. There is a lot on my mind...a lot going on...a lot to get done.

I am here, trying to work through it all...taking wisdom from the walkers I saw this past weekend.

I'm only moving one step at a time.


Debbie said...

I hope the rest of the weekend went well for you. I was thinking about you and your entire family. It was great to see you and the kids. Hope you are having luck with moving along one step at a time!

daisies said...

i so adore you...hugs!

Nonnie said...

i know how hard it is for these wee ones to wait.....and wait....and wait....while we walk and walk and walk!!!! i so appreciate all your efforts and support sass....i truly do~!

and for introducing us to this amazing experience...and the sheer determination you and cory walked with...i will never forget that walk! :)

S. Barnes said...

Oh dear Jess,

That is the wisest path, I think. One step at a time. I cannot even imagine how beautiful and inspiring that event must be. Excited to hear your thoughts as you unwind them.

lots of love to yoU!!!!