eternal sunshine

my mind is so far from my body right now.
i had all of these wonderful intentions for celebrating this time of year with my little ones and nothing has really come together for us the past few weeks.
i don't even think that i got one picture of both my kiddos in their costumes!
i'm trying to gather myself together and have my mind catch up to where i am in this moment...but it has been so easy to slip away and get lost.
i can feel the chaos that not being present breeds into my days.
life gets complicated, doesn't it?
this is where i have been:
taking off, kicking back and wishing i still had this view:
part of catching up here for me is processing the sights, sounds, smells and thoughts that joined me for a few days at the coast.
it's been over a week, but it's all finally starting to sink in...and drift away in memory.
for more beach bliss, you can check out my photogblog ~
take a long, deep breath of the thick sea air and enjoy.


daisies said...

gosh ... how incredibly beautiful, sigh ... xox

Alyson said...

So beautiful. Reminds me of childhood. I grow up on the La Jolla Cove. And those photos look very familiar to my memories. Thanks for taking me back today :o)