I woke up this morning with such a different feeling in my chest.
Lightness, hope, encouragement.
It is a feeling of witnessing and partaking in something so deeply significant, it is challenging to wrap my mind around the hugeness.
I am full of hope.
And, my faith in humanity is brimming with fullness.
Yesterday, throughout the morning, I tried to talk with Asher and Journey about what it means to vote.
Our conversation came and went for several hours in which I repeatedly had to explain that we wouldn't be going to a "boat" on a lake but that we would be using our voice to choose the next leader of this country...to VOTE.
I tried to explain what a president is.
Asher said: "I want to be the president!".
Go for it my child.
They went to the polls with me and they ate their apples and I couldn't help but think about how important this all was, to each of us.
My children will grow up knowing that this is the way things are.
Change is real.
And for me, it feels monumental.
I can remember my disappointment after casting my first vote in 2000 and feeling like my voice didn't matter.
I can remember taking Asher with me to the polls in 2004...when he was just four months old, and crying softly next to him that evening in bed over the results. My heart was so heavy.
Last night, there were tears...but of a very different kind.
This all feels so big.
Big enough that I have felt the need to share my hopes and slight opinions and joy over all of it in this space.
And now I move on into the promise of new beginnings.


Debbie said...

Here is to new beginnings and hope. I think it is wonderful our children will grow up knowing that anything really is possible. What a wondeful day!

Vonda said...

So sweet!! Won't it be wonderful if we can enjoy the peace that little Journey was having? I too had tears of joy. I hope our new leader can bring unity to this country and abroad. I think he has the ability if given a chance.

Nonnie said...

i shared tears last night too....called patti at 11:00 p.m. and shared her tears after witnessing and hearing history being made and the HOPE that the day brought. unity, acceptance, passion, renewal, HOPE! give it all a chance!
what an amazing day.