i keep waiting

at some point, my house will clean itself, right?
i keep waiting.
asher was laying on the kitchen floor this morning, flapping his arms and legs in fan-like motions...mimicking the art of making snow angels.
he said: "mama, i am making a SAND angel."
i said: "oh cool...would you mind moving over to the carpet to do that?"
he said: "NO...I want to make a real one!"
oh, i get it.
i can just keep on waiting.
i was holding it in my mind for the past few days, to come up with a great idea for a picture to contribute to this important grassroots campaign.
it is something i feel strongly about and yet,
i'm still waiting on myself to take the picture and tomorrow is election day.
i ended up waiting too long.
i was waiting for november 1st to roll around the corner so that i could write my first post for NaBloPoMo. it came, and went...no post.
but i am still going to act like i did write that first post and i'll just keep on chugging along because i really just want to give myself that challenge of posting every day this month.
even if i already failed.
why should i keep waiting, right?
and on this eve of election day here in the usa...i am waiting.
waiting to cast my vote.
let my voice be heard.
and help make some change.
i am through waiting for that.


Anonymous said...

Even tho it might seem like your time is waiting and wasting when the kids are so little and demanding, that's not really so. One day and soon you will see the change yourself. The time for them to be so little and demanding will have ended, and nothing will have been wasted at all! It's always time to be right where you are. Raising kids and making a home is a revolution and evolution in itself. There will be time for everything. Like my bedtime. xoxoxo

cassie said...

ha ha ha...hint hint mama.