a little lizard love

we went to the zoo this past weekend and all the animals were out and about. the storm that was brewing was making them all crazy.
we saw lots of activity, but our favorite friend was this guy.
we stayed at this exhibit with him for over 15 minutes, just watching and waiting for him to move.
isn't he cool?
he even has a piercing on his back.
you don't mess with that.
and doesn't it seem like if he had a voice, it would sound something like Ton Loc?
remember Ton Loc?
and ever since then, asher has been walking around on all fours pretending that he is an
"eewanna yizard that live wif a dine-an-saurs"
(an iguana lizard that lives with the dinosaurs)
the zoo:
our inspiration for further dramatic interpretation of all things scaled and reptilian like.


Sara said...

I love it, I can just see him being an iguana lizard, and I am sure that he has poured his whole heart and soul into perfecting it.

Mommy to a Tater Tot said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that picture of Journey with the apple?

Nonnie said...

what a wonder to see it all through the eyes of those with such passion!

Alyson said...

that lizard rocks :o)

daisies said...

awww .. he's very cool!