common ground

yesterday, i found my energetic hope being sucked thin by other people's words stemmed from emotions of anger and hatred that i read all over my computer screen.
i tried to understand...and i couldn't.
i see that some people are amazingly untouched by this victory, and i can easily let destructive attitudes stunt me.
but i deeply want to move forward.
and i know that it takes coming together and joining our efforts in our vision of a brighter tomorrow.
one thing i have found so incredibly inspiring is this notion of finding common ground.
it is there, let us find it.
check out this hope-full project .
read the words.
see the love .
and then contribute your own power message.
let's keep moving forward.
not back.
nope...we're not going that way.
send your contributions to Ze Frank


Downing Family said...

I love that and I totally agree. The photo is awesome Jess. :) You and your creative mind and full heart. :)

GoddessLeonie.com - the Creative Goddess said...

I so love this project hon...
and love the reminder to always turn our attention to love, to hope, to the true light that shines inside us...
you radiate, girl
big hugs,

Debbie said...

You inspire me with your view of the world and of hope and love. I love the message that you and your lovely sis put out there. Here is to the positive movement out there and all that is good! :)

Jamie said...

Loof forward sister :) Just think....would Obama listen to that crap? :) No! he's looking forward ~ let's stand above and look over these low life's heads to see our bright and shining future. :)

Nonnie said...

i love this project, sass.....was so inspired when i saw bee's blog and checked out all the photos and messages......i agree....there IS common ground....let us be ones that perpetuate the message of goodness and hope....