not just any day

and on this day, was the birth of a girl who knew her song so certainly.
she sang it with the intensity of fire,
and the softness of a bird's wing.
so surely she sang...
that it woke the angels' with a whisper.
and they all watched in wonder,
of her magical story.
happy birthday my soul child.
keep singing that beautiful song.


Beth said...

happy birthday journey!!!

Vonda said...

Well said! She is so special. Loved her birthday party.

Kirsten Michelle said...

sweet blessings &
happy BIRTHday
to you both.

Jamie said...

happy happy day jo rai! :) i'll NEVER forget the day you were born!! :)

daisies said...

happy happy birthday!! xoxox

Debbie said...

Happy birthday sweet Journey. You are already bringing so much joy to the world! Glad we could celebrate with you.

Nonnie said...

happy happy day to our sweet journey rai.....you are sunshine and spice.....and what a blessing you bring to our family on this special day!.....love you little girl!
nonnie and papa

Cory said...

Ohhhh little jojo, you add soooo much to this world of ours. I love you my little rai of sunshine :) Happy Birthday sweet soul. I LOVE this picture!!!!!!