soaking up the view (december views)

I am really tired. Really. Very tired.
And I feel slightly sad about a few uncertainties in how my efforts towards life and loving are being received in the universe.
I am a bit alone and wandering.
I feel quiet but occasionally I just want to laugh really, really loud.
Laughing really loud feels so good sometimes.
Mostly, I am busy...and full of thought, and I don't have many moments where the two of those coincide nicely together.
So...I figured it might be pro-active sanity to join up with my loved friend darlene and engage in this here project.
I feel like guiding myself into observation mode is exactly what feels good to my soul.
Welcome to what december looks like from my view.
Some days, I may toss out a few words of explanation or inspiration.
Mostly, I probably won't.
Today's view, well...this is about the only thing that has filled me up with vibration and energy the past week while I've been sitting on my bum, working through images from earlier photo sessions and being drained of positive fuel by my computer screen.
Here comes the sun, my music.

oh sweet music!

thank you for sharing life.

(and a little boogie too)


daisies said...

:) what fantastic photos ... hugs!! so glad you are joining in the december views, xo

Debbie said...

Sorry you are feeling a disconnect right now. The holiday season can be so joyous, yet tip our worlds upside down. I hope this project helps you find the peace and laughter you need. Love you!

Elizabeth said...

Take care of yourself my dear. I love your photos in this post and can't wait to see what more comes along in your December Views.

jakk said...

Just want to say hi ... found you via December views.