packin' up and headin' out

Oh how I love spontaneity! We decided (oh so suddenly!) to take a trip out to NM to visit my sister Cassie and I am in the midst of packing...well...doing laundry so that we actually have something to pack...and making snacks for the road...and wracking my brain for everything else that needs to get done before I take my children on a 7 hour road trip! I am excited...and a bit anxious for some reason! I think because my memories of visiting this little town are so full of emotion. I moved away from Farmington when I was in the 9th grade. It was a hard time. My visits back were always so bitter sweet because I was so young and I SO loved my friends there and the comfort of what I knew so well. It is hard to believe that was...gosh...11 years ago (WHAT!!!!!). Wow. Anyway...I like that this trip is so last minute and that it is all working out so perfectly in all of its randomness. We actually were hoping to go with some friends up to their cabin this weekend (Hi Erin!) but thought that Josh was going to have to work, so decided we couldn't do that. And then, in the wonderful ways that life brings about opportunities...it just so happened that Josh got the weekend off...and that Cassie extended an invitation to us...and so, here we are! I really like the fact that Josh will get to venture with me around a place that is so important to me...a place I consider "home". I will probably become a nostalgic mess. And for all the ways that my life often feels planned out and routine...this little bit of spontaneous energy is welcomed with wide open arms. I like that I can see no further into my weekend plans then the open road that lays before me. I thought that this bit of soul excitement deserved some recognition as just another piece in my sacred life. Enjoy your weekend...be it spontaneous or not! And send some good lovin' to Sweet-E if you think about it. I just don't want her thinking she can poop out on us with all the love that is around!:)


Carla said...

I *love* NM! Hope your trip is/was wonderful.

Beth said...

i hope you have a great time! i'll be thinking of you all on the drive! isn't it great to venture "home" once in awhile to reflect and be reminded of where we once were, and how far we've come? enjoy your visit!

daisies said...

how wonderful ~ hope you have/had a wonderful time : ) hugs