women's equality day

I only have a minute, but I didn't want this day to float by without mentioning it's importance on this space. Today marks a day that I know I often take for granted. It took 72 years of ceaseless campaigning for women to win the right to vote in 1920. 72 years that included ridicule, ostracism, abuse and imprisonment for some involved. I thought I should honor that good fight with a brief mention of how grateful and empowered I am by those women who came before me and for their perseverance in the face of injustice. I also think it is important to mention the ways in which there is still room to grow in this journey towards equality for men and women. I borrowed these facts from NOW (National Organization for Women). Just a few more reasons to keep the vitality of this human rights campaign at the forefront of my mind...no matter what situation I may find myself in.

-On average, women only make $.77 to a man's dollar. Could you use the extra 23 cents?

-The US has no guaranteed medical leave for childbirth; we're trailing 168 countries in the company of only Lesotho, Liberia, Papua New Guinea and Swaziland.

-In 107 countries working women's right to breastfeed is protected by law. In the US, no protection.

-The US is near the bottom of the list -- again -- in our public support for quality childcare for children of working parents

-And finally, women only make up 16 percent of our representatives in Congress!

I think of this day in terms of human rights as well...and that gets me thinking on a global scale. So, if you are interested in learning about and supporting efforts towards equality and greater opportunity for women WORLDWIDE, you can visit here.

And, if you need/want to be reminded of some of the key events and women in the history of the suffrage movement, you can read about that here!

Most likely, there is some information there that we never knew about but are enjoying the repercussions of!

Happy Equality Day!!!


Jme said...

Thank goodness those brave and courageous women won their hard fought battle 87 years ago. I know that on "paper" the fight still continues...but I truly believe the men in this world (sorry guys) just THINK they're running the show ~ little do they realize tha WE hold the strings!! :) haha! Happy Equality Day!!
(just had to add a light note to this issue that can be so frustrating :)

tia said...

hurray for you for recognizing today's importance and bringing it to the forefront of my mind. today let's celebrate those that have fought and continue to fight for equality and keep in our minds how far we have come and how far we want to continue to go.

daisies said...

happy equality day :)

i remember when i went to ottawa last winter and got all mushy about it:


most of what you say also applies to canada except we have guaranteed medical leave for childbirth and i can take up to a year off :) with some government funded pay; pay from my employer and a guarantee job back when my maternity leave is over ... it could be better i think but its good :)

Nonnie said...

Yeah, Jessamyn......you are back....right where you belong! I hope to get a chance to read all soon. Just a note to say hi.
ly :)