randomness is fun

So...I just realized that I got tagged by another sweet blogger out there...Andrea! And I have no good reason not to play...so here goes.
7 Random bits of me.
1. I took a scuba diving class in college...and I am now only ONE open water dive away from being certified. I couldn't make the trip to Rocky Point with the class because I had some severe sinus issues going on the weekend of said trip. What is a scuba diving diva to do?
2. I can't tolerate the taste of melon. I am not even too fond of watermelon (although in this summer heat I did find myself taking a bite of watermelon at one of our family BBQ's...and was reminded of how little I like it). I do, however, LOVE the smell of watermelon. Specifically, watermelon flavored Extra gum.
3. I could eat homemade guacamole and tortilla chips ALL day, every day. LOVE IT!
4. I was a vegetarian for almost two years...but then I got pregnant and my body craved more iron and protein....and I got lazy and gave up.
5. I cannot share my milk with anyone...under any circumstances. And I never trust milk that is ordered at a restaurant.
6. I used to write on everything! My walls, under my bed, my closet doors....you name it. Everything seemed to need a bit more decoration in my opinion.
7. I was a cheerleader in high school. I actually cheered from 4th grade up until my senior year. I actually could, at one point in my life, do a back handspring. Maybe I still have it in me! ha ha ha.
Ok now my turn to tag.
Cory, Jamie, Mom, Sara and Karyn...you're it!!!


Cory said...

Oh my gosh that is sooo funny about the whole writing on everything when you were younger. I remember you wearing a pair of my shoes back in the day and when I got them back you had written all over them!!!! I didn't think it funny at the time but now it cracks me up. You crazy girl. Thanks for tagging me now I actually have to think!!!

Nonnie said...

We still have the board that your mattress rested on with all the writing and doodles still on it. That was from laying UNDER the bed, and journaling! Good thing you found a computer! :)

Jme said...

I didn't you took scuba lessons! Wow...you learn something new everyday. :)
I guess I better put my thinking cap on....hmmm.

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing Jess. It is fun to know random things about friends. Hope you are having a good day.

Beth said...

i love random things! this was fun to read. i feel like i know a little bit more about you!