catching up! Febraury*

As it turns out, babies do not contribute well to reviving old blogs. ;) I am an extremely neglectful blogger. I admit to this. It is very difficult to create the time to document our moments when life (and hands) are so very FULL. As time goes on, I realize how much I would like to have something to look back on every once in a while and also how much I would love a place to record all the brilliant things my beautiful babes are saying and doing (because they really are brilliant to this mama). I know that the most important thing is to be fully alive in the moment...but there has to be some way that I can get into a groove of writing down the bits and pieces that settle into my heart, so that I can share them with the children later down the road if they are ever interested. I also have a few friends and family who have asked about how I can keep them updated on what we are doing from time to time. Grandpa GG has told all of his grandchildren how much he misses reading our blogs and seeing what his great-grandchildren are up to. So, with that I am going to make more effort to show up, with little blurbs here and there on moments that make up our days.
Since I have pictures that I would like to add here, I am just going to catch us up as best I can with a few memories since the last time we wrote, starting with the remainder of February.
journey, teaching kodiak about JFK
a little obama love.
The kids went to a play this month with Nonnie and Papa that I bought tickets for. It was called "Unstoppable Me" based on a book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer that encourages self-esteem among kids. It was a musical and from what I heard, the kids enjoyed it. Although they probably liked the ice cream they got after the show a little bit more than anything, I suppose. Journey also started a dance class with the city this month. Her teacher was fantastic and Journey really loved going every Thursday. Here are a few pictures I took of her on the very last day of class, where the kids all put on a small performance for the families. Oh my goodness! I wasn't prepared for how awesome it was! My eyes fill up with tears just thinking about how sweet it was to watch my babe do something she feels happy doing. :)
she sticks out her tongue when she concentrates on something :) having fun with her classmates!

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