April was another busy month in the outdoors. We try to soak up as much as we can while we can endure it, because we know that when the mid-summer months roll in, we won't be able to enjoy the outdoor life in the same way. We took several trips down to Coon's Bluff where the kids could romp around in the river and climb rocks to the desire of their hearts. This became a fast family favorite for "places to roam free". The arboretum was visited a handful of times as well this month. The heat was getting to be enough to where we didn't last long past morning time with the baby in tow. But he was always a trooper for me, taking his naps in the ergo as I wore him on our walks. We also got our new clubhouse this month! Papa spent endless hours working on this treasure for us and it.is.amazing! I am so blessed to have a dad who can craft such beauty that will live out a long and loved purpose. The kids love their clubhouse and have spent many early mornings playing and using imagination within these walls. I know that it will be used even more when the weather cools off again. And, of course, the last few weeks in April were full of spring celebrations and egg hunts. We did a party with our homeschool group and also two separate celebrations for both sides of the family...not to mention the egg hunt we do in our own backyard. :) Several other things took place this month that don't have pictures to tell the stories. Asher broke his wrist when he fell out of a tree he was climbing. He had to take a break from his gymnastics class that he so dearly loves. He still hasn't started again...hopefully at the end of this month. His wrist is all healed up now, but it was a bummer for him for several weeks. Journey also started her t-ball games this month (I can't find my pictures!). So each week we would have practice on Thursday nights and then game day was Saturday. She really enjoyed it and she was all business about the game! It is fun to see her explore different things. We had full weeks with gymnastics (prior to the tree incident), art class, t-ball, earth scouts and homeschool group activities. We went on a tour of the Salt River Landfill with our homeschool group at the end of this month. The kids thought it was really interesting and I actually learned a lot about this facility that I wasn't aware of. We talked about ways that we can reduce our trash to begin with (instead of just relying on recycling) and we started up our compost bin again in effort to minimize what we throw away. It was a great learning experience!

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