May continued to be a busy month with a lot of family events and transformations. I know that some time was spent in reflection of Grandma Verner's beautiful life as family came into town to celebrate and honor her. Kodiak began crawling around, so life changed in that way. Life was full with the same activities it was last month as far as what the kids were involved in. We had a fun sleepover party for all the nephews at our house the end of the month. It was such a treat to get to be with all of them together. Being the first one to have children in my family, I haven't had the opportunity to "just" be the auntie when we are all together. So, these moments where I am with my nephews without their mama's around is very precious to me. I love them so very much. Here are a few images from that night...
pizza time!
making smores 'round the fire
looking for scorpions with their black lights
They all had a really good time together and woke up EARLY in the morning for a pancake breakfast. Hmmmm. What else happened this month? Oh yes, Journey cut her hair off and my dad somehow managed to turn it into a magical little pixie cut that suits her so well. :)