year of the rabbit*

On Sunday, we went to the Chinese Cultural Center to check out the festival they were holding in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit. It was somewhat of a photographer's dream with all of the visual stimuli and the color! We had a good time soaking in the sights and sounds. There were some amazing performers. We've come down to this center to go to the Chinese Market before and to eat dinner at one of the yummy restaurants. I asked Asher and Journey to share about what they remember from the day.
*Asher* I remember the biggest dragon. There is all different kinds. The biggest one was red and the smallest one was a little smaller than the first dragon we saw. And, I remember the first dragon that we saw. I remember the Ferris wheel. I was playing with some friends on the ferris wheel saying "hello there, hello there, hello there!" and they were laughing. The Chinese Cultural Center is the best. It was awesome. It is the best place to be because it has ice cream. There was two ponds in the gardens. There was one pond with two goldfish and there was a giant pond that just had tiny fish and a coral. It wasn't really colorful because it had algae all over it. There was a rocky place that was like an area where koi fish can live. They can live next to bamboo. They can live next to rocky parts with water. And guess what these fish eat? They eat the algae. Guess what I did? I put the algae in my hand and threw it in the water. And guess what they did? They were nibbling it! The fish also ate dead lily pads. Also, I was fishing for fish with my hands. I loved them. The buildings where we were were really cool. They looked just like the Chinese buildings. I also liked watching the guys do the karate stuff. I felt happy about the day.
*Journey* This is what Journey remembers about the day: riding the pony* having fun* jumping in the bounce house* sitting down and watching the shows* having some ice cream* playing*
It was also like 80 degrees when we were out there. Seriously. 80 degrees, in February. Oh my.


b_maria_why said...

oh this just looks like too much fun. :)

kimberly said...

so awesome, jess! i have yet to go to that wonderful place...just goes to show how much there is available that we don't take part in.....love that the kids get such a hands on learning....and wonderful experiences!!