dig it.

we had a lovely weekend. i felt very weary and tired by friday evening and woke up saturday feeling totally sick. luckily, josh took the babe when we woke up early in the morning and let me sleep in. my body is in some serious need for rest. i am slowly catching up on the weekends as much as possible. this weekend was pretty slow, which was very healing. mmmmmmmm. i was doing my best to clean up the backyard by saturday afternoon. the dirt. oh, the dirt! my kids are outside a LOT these days with this amazing, beautiful "winter" weather. which means my house is filled with dirt. our backyard is all dirt. totally wonderful for the senses...but it requires a lot of broom action indoors. my kids walk around like "Pig-Pen" from Peanuts. seriously. asher waked in the house today, COMPLETELY covered in dirt and said "I was just in a dust storm". he had shut himself in the hot house and started throwing dirt around, trying to see if it would all stay inside without the outside air blowing it around. :) needless to say. i vacuum and sweep what feels like a ridiculous amount. over the weekend, josh also helped asher with a pretty cool project. they created a dig site in our backyard. asher helped with turning the soil, measuring the site, determining how many stakes would be needed for the site, and then hammering the stakes and roping them off. next up...we are going to bury his fossil collection within the dig site where he can dig up fossils, brush them off and record them in details in his very own fossil log. he will be able to record what the fossil looks like and where he found it within his site. it was wonderful to see josh so active in a project with one of his children. yum. :)
asher, showing me a trick with his shovel. :)
tonight, asher went to a lab night for the local paleontological society. :) he is such a fossil lover. they meet once a month and he has joined them for the past 3 months or so. he digs it (no pun intended) and has a wonderful time getting the hands on experience with fossils. the first night he went, he got to take home his very own fossil. he has that in his room, displayed with all of his other fossil finds. tonight, they were searching for pieces of egg shell within mounds of dirt, i guess. i have yet to go with asher to one of these meetings. josh takes him and i stay with journey and babe while they are away at lab night. :) i guess they are looking for what is believed to be the first eggshells ever found in AZ. asher thought he saw a piece of eggshell in a chunk of dirt and was diligently working away on a certain rock with his microscopic goggles and tooth brush. asher, the paleontologist.
monday was fairly challenging.... but with that came one of the most powerful conversations i have had with asher in a long while. i like to think that i have evolved enough to know that the hard stuff helps me recognize the flow when it happens. like when journey wakes me up with an excited "it is morning, mama! see the light? can i go outside and blow my bubbles? it is a GOOD day for bubbles!". and then i say yes. that is flow. that is good. that is worth all of it.


kimberly said...

looks like asher had another wonderful night of discovery! and nonnie is very excited to see his dig site.....how exciting! thinking jojo probably slept in her fairy dancing dress last night....hoping she has a "blowing bubbles" kind of morning! and little kodiak....good morning mr sunshine! xoxoxo

Lisa - Happy Mama said...

I love your little cuties. They are so precious!

One reason I like coming to your blog is that I relate to your desire to captures these days, months, and years as your kids grow and learn and explore. I feel the same way when I blog.