a week in the life...

or the life in a week.
depending on how you look at it.
"won't you come out to play?"

Life has been full.

pleasant. achy. lovely. hard.

I am in deep processing mode...accepting the fullness that living gives.

I have been quiet around here, and I may continue to be for a little while.

Tonight I kissed Asher's lips and whispered in his ear as I always do...

"Now go fly with your angels sweet boy."

He answered.

"I will mama. I will."

Something about that made my heart so much lighter.


Debbie said...

You have such a beautiful life! I am glad that Asher made your heart feel lighter, it is amazing how our children and loved ones know just what to say sometimes. Love you and hope you can continue to find the quiet that you need.

Nonnie said...

and i know he will....a sweet little moment that fills a heart with love.

Jamie said...

I love this photos. :) Are those Brody's pirate pants that Jo has on?? :)
Looks like a great week to me...