one thing

there is so much to be said for what i don't know.
about this world.
about my life.
there is so much that i haven't uncovered.
about my heart.
about my potential.
about my purpose.
there is so much that i am unsure of.
my future.
my passions.
my dreams.
but one thing that i KNOW.
one thing that i have DISCOVERED.
one thing that i am SURE of.
is this:
i am ever willing to explore.
I spend this love thursday in deep love for exploration...and in perfect peace (for today) with the questions.


Dream Lenz Photography said...

Me too! And we still have yet to go explore together! What are we thinking? Lets plan something so we can both get some tlc from nature. I feel like I just got so much but I'm always ready for more.

latisha said...

you are so brave to say so. in some selfish way i hope you never find it, i enjoy reading about your discovery.

Carmen said...

Beautiful, courageous words. So glad I found your blog today.

Nonnie said...

yes you are! :)

daisies said...

:) you are so beautiful