let it be

There is something visiting me in the much awaited coolness of my mornings. Something is encouraging me to wrap a protective covering around my soul, shielding me from the hatred running rampant outside that sometimes seeps into my blood. I keep hearing these whispers that lead me to music that pours inspiration into every morsel of my being until I feel like I am going to explode all over my living room floor with love and funk and everything good. I want to watch movies that leave me breathless and wanting...where I see the world with new eyes. I ache to ingest fresh vegetables, warm and ripe from the sun...grown from hands I know. I long for my eyes to meet words upon pages that speak love soaked visions of peace and growth. I dare myself to take the challenges I am given, making my life more full, simple, mindful, loving, open, brave, creative, bright, joyful and juicy.
I see myself wrapped in clothes that bring me smiles. A bohemian fashion feast that offers up layers of thought...wandering in and around my mind like gypsies as they travel. No destination, just the journey itself beckoning me forward.
I am craving the kind of high that comes from being surrounded by goddesses of light and expression. Souls who radiate creative energy and tolerance and love. Beauties who offer exchange of the rarest form...high potency and life-filled calm. I want to be SURROUNDED and filled up and released from this bondage of fear I have felt for so long.
I dream at night of open forest with humble shelter offering home. Of picking wildflowers with wind-swept hair and sunlight shining down through breaks in branches. I see rivers of fresh water and people playing community in the most natural and pure of ways.
There is this bubble of greatness just waiting to be burst open and let free.
I am ready to dance around the world...if only from my living room.
I am ready to take on the critics.
I am ready to live freely from my heart.
I am ready to let go of what I "should" be.
I am ready to walk on dreams and climb with my convictions.
I am ready to open further.
Love harder.
Detach from what is harmful.
I keep moving forward and in doing so I let go of what doesn't offer life.
I sink into each moment...one by one...and I listen for lessons.
I look for the beauty in my environment.
I keep trying.
I open the doors and answer inspiration.
I know that life gets messy.
There is no right way.
My goal is to keep my heart real, and full, and pliable.
Let it be.


Nonnie said...

and when you get there....i will join you....in the meantime....we journey....let it be.

Natalie said...

I dont know how you do it. Such a way with words....so beautiful.

Jamie said...

i've been having the need to protect myself lately too...not sure why....just need some time for quiet. :)
I owe you a phone call! :)

latisha said...

but you are already all of those things when i think of you. viva la vie bohem.

Jeanne said...

So very lovely indeed.

S. Barnes said...

dear sweet jessamyn,

ahh ... let it be. what a gentle, good phrase to be reminded of. thank you soul sister. and thank you for your sweet comment. i missed you! lots of fall love!

Downing Family said...

oh you inspire me. Your mind is such a lovely thing.

Joan said...

Hello tender jessamyn,
stopping by to say I love your home 'here' and I deeply understand the need to overcome fear in every size shape and color :)
And your beautiful pliable heart is conveyed with every single word you share... all so very lovely...

Happy Tuesday to you and your wee ones too. xo