apple dream

Our last produce basket came with a 3 lb bag of granny smith goodness. That also coincided with a weekly theme of apples running through our seasonal learning guide. So, we used what we had to experiment with some apple stamping art:
Of which quickly became imagined dinosaur footprints, of course.
Apple stamps, dinosaur footprints...art it what you make it. Journey and I used the rest to make up an apple crisp desert. The recipe we found in one of our library books. The smell of it baking was divine. The actual tasting of the apple crisp? Eh. 'Twas just fine. But the process is always what brings me the most happiness. Especially when little hands are helping along. The work pace is slower, the clean up much more hefty, but the substance of what is created is, well, worth it. All of this apple business has brought about a real hunger for some apple pickin' for this mama. Since we live in the desert, it isn't exactly apple pickin' time...although that is what we are hearing from the books we have been reading. I looked on the websites of local places I know of that grow apples. No luck. Their harvest won't be flourishing until spring. What I did find was the town of Wilcox which is nearly 3 hours away from us...which just so happens to have the ideal climate for growing apples. They are ready for picking and this place in particular looks awfully inviting, don't you think? Now if I could just find a car that works.... And a recipe that tastes just as lovely as it smells. Leave one if you have one (recipe that is...but I would probably accept a car as well.) ha!


daisies said...

we have already harvested our apples and peeled and cored and i have a freezer full of applesauce ;-) and jars filled with cinnamon apple goodness, tee hee

i think we have the same apple corer thingy ;-) that apple stamping looks like so much fun!! wonderful! xo

Cory said...

Ohhh sounds like a lot of fun over at your home... apple stamping, baking, dinosaur... well pretty much anything can turn into dinosaurs at your house :)
Three hours is kind of a long drive to pick apples, but I am thinking a little bit of a shorter drive to check out some ostrich eggs :) What do you think?