Love Thursday and 30 Days::Day 26

wishing I could share a love hug with each of you lovelies for all of your gentleness and encouragement and for the ways you made some sense out of my rambling. much love.
Well, yesterday ended up being quite a spectacular day after I decided to begin. Funny how the world changes when we choose to take part in the moments that surround us. At this point in my life, I am learning so much about myself and about acceptance, forgiveness, love and contentment. They aren't always "easy" lessons by any means...but they are necessary and they are taking me into full bloom. For that, I am always open and available. I think so much of my frustration springs up from my thought processes. I tend to think of what I am NOT doing or what I wish to be doing, instead of just doing and also noticing the amazing amount of living I get done in one day. So, I think I am going to start speaking as though I am already doing what I hope to and also taking greater care in noticing what it is that my moments consist of. I can easily get tripped up on thinking too far ahead of the NOW.
But yesterday, after I released some of my patterns and decided to claim my beginning...some wonderful things took place. I met the kindest, most interesting man at the gas station who struck up a lively conversation with me for 15 minutes. This "stranger" and I chatted about his life as a rodeo clown and his broken bones and his further career as a stunt man in the movies. He talked about his part in the movie "Raising Arizona" and then we talked about his wife and his children and his " 50 some odd" years of marriage. He was smiley and full of love and he was asking me questions about my life. We shared our appreciation for this beautiful weather and wished one another well on our journey's. It was lovely...it was connective and it was affirming.
When nap time rolled around yesterday, I started some fun craft projects. I didn't really put much thought into it at all. I just picked up my materials and before I knew it, my fingers were covered with hot glue and my kitchen table had morphed into craft madness. Heavenly.
And today, well, today is especially important. Today is Spring Equinox and my mind is focused on what that means and how my life is reflecting the change of the seasons. I see how my own sense of self is being reborn just as the earth is and how the balance is shifting to new growth, new life and new beginnings. I am making a lot of lists that I have been holding intention to make. There is something really therapeutic in that for me. There is some forward momentous energy pulsing through me and I keep picturing myself standing at a giant wheel...reversing the direction it is turning with each new step. Writing the bits of my heart I felt compelled to write about yesterday was a small part in my own effort to open further into aliveness. I am sharing more of my raw thought and love. I am beginning to see the opportunity in sharing my authentic expression. I am remembering my softness, my life-fullness, my empathic nature...and I am welcoming it back home. I am being tender with myself as I know there are hills and valleys, storms and calm on this epic journey into wakefulness. I am walking.
We have a book around here that is consistently in use, being read and fingered through on many occasion. It gives us better understanding of the earth cycles and the days of honoring and acknowledging these cycles. Today, I have been reading much about the Spring Equinox. Specifically about this character Perspehone, who is the daughter of Demeter, the Greek Goddess of grain and growing things. "In the spring, Persephone comes back from the Underworld to be reunited with her mother. A part of the Goddess that has been sleeping all winter reawakens with the warming ground of spring. She who has been mother, midwife, and teacher throughout the winter now welcomes back her own daughter-self, the Maiden of Spring. At this time of balance, the Goddess is Mother and Daughter both." (from Circle Round ).
Day and Night...
"Day and night hang balanced in time, Persephone begins her climb. Back to mother and the sun, Earth knows that her rest is done."
I spend today delighting in the life around me.
I think I will put on a springy skirt, take a deep breath of the orange blossoms filling the air, and pour myself a glass of lemonade.


kimberly said...

love the picture of asher and daddy.....and the SpRiNg in your words and thoughts~! amazing how we can redirect our energies when we examine them....and choose a different direction....happy day to you and your sweet little family, sass!

Kirsten Michelle said...

i'll be marinating in the hope and loveliness of this post all weekend...it is like that first warm spring breeze that makes you pause and take notice...that reminds you to breath a little deeper.
happy spring to you and yours, my lovely.

kimberly said...

oops....that's journey, not asher.....however.....i really did see asher in that picture!....just thought josh had his little face pressed up against his shoulder more that normal! :) well...i love the pictue of journey and daddy as well! :)

Tanaya said...

I love when we allow ourselves the opportunity to connect with "strangers". We learn so much, often more about ourselves than them!

I truly enjoy your blog, and look forward to getting to know you better through this space.

Jamie said...

I love this photo too! :)
I felt myself taking in a refreshing breath while reading your words.
Happy Spring to you too!! :)
May this be the beginning of many new beginnings.
P.S. if you have allergies I would recommend not taking too deep a breath in of the beautiful (but tortuous) orange blossoms! :)

daisies said...

how incredibly beautiful :) Happy orange blossomed lemonade spring to you honey, xo

Julie said...

I love your blog and have been reading it for quite sometime. You have an amazing way with words and your perspective of motherhood is inspiring!! If you haven't already you should really read the book " A new Earth" by Eckhart Tolle....I think you would find his words insightful for where you are at in your journey!!

Sara said...

There is nothing better than a beautiful baby in their daddy's arms wrapped up in love...makes the heart melt.

Debbie said...

Also love the picture of little girl with her daddy. I am so thrilled that you have found some peace today and are enjoying the change of the season. What a beautiful day to enjoy! I agree with Jamie though, careful of breathing too deep with allergies! :) I can just see you outside, the kids playing, you in your springy skirt and sipping a glass of homemade lemonade...