30 Days::Day 23

This week was our first week trying out a food co-op. I was so excited to get my basket. I couldn't wait to get it home and search through all of the goodies. I seriously felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. It was that wonderful to me. This pineapple is probably one of the sweetest, most juice filled pineapples I have ever eaten. I couldn't stop myself from snacking on it all day yesterday. It was a most fitting companion to a date on the blanket outside with my babes and some books. And later on in the evening, I decided to cut some up and add it to the veggie stir-fry I was making for dinner. That was a good choice indeed. De-lish.
Thanks for all the fun comments that you left behind during my yellow excursion! I really enjoyed it and I feel like I have gotten the dose of brightness that I was searching for. I think this color brings a lot of well-ness into our lives. I envision health, happiness, softness and light when I see this color...and those are all things that I could use more of in this life. While reading your comments, I couldn't help but wonder if that might be a universal thing. Yellow does a mind good.
Thanks for the encouragement that all of you give me in this space. It has really meant so much to me and it fills me up with a lot of gratitude and warmth.
Happy weekend....


kimberly said...

oooh, my mouth is watering.....i'm going to research those farms about getting a weekly basket also...sounds wonderful!

Kirsten Michelle said...

thank you beautiful, for all the sunshine.
sweet blessings,

moonboots said...

I can't believe what a blog master you are. You are so great about taking pics. I LOVE the pics of your babies in front of the yellow door. We need to get the boys together. I think I'm off wednesday- you?

Debbie said...

More wonderful yellow adventures! Glad you enjoyed your first basket. Can't wait to see more pics of what makes your heart happy

Debbie said...

I love the new picture of you! Completely gorgeous, you and the picture :)

PixieDust said...

Love pineapple!! My favorite fruit - yum! Thank you for the early spring, heehee



bella said...

Joining our local food cop down the street was one of the best things we ever did. Every week a box of fresh organic produce is waiting for us and like you, the surprise element is one of my favorite parts.
Yellow gifts to you today,