30 Days::Day 19

"Yellow is the color of my true love's hair, in the morning, when we rise. In the morning, when we rise. That's the time. That's the time. I love her best." ~Donovan
I keep singing this song over and over out loud...all throughout the house...all throughout the day. I keep seeing yellow, everywhere. If ever there were a color that gave me some good therapy, it would be this one. There is something about yellow that lifts me up just like the sun in the early hours of the morning. So having it pop out all around me has been quite a treat. It is as if I have yellow tunnel vision...and I am enjoying my narrowed focus tremendously.
I've decided that for the next few posts...not only will I share a picture, but it will be one that has something to do with this matured affection I have for the color yellow. Yellow may play a small role in the picture, or, it might selfishly consume the majority of the frame. No matter how, it will be included. I don't know for how long my consciousness will be drifting towards this color, and so I want to document it as much as I possibly can. For the past few days, I have done an obsessively good job at doing just that. I figure that by giving myself these short, open challenges...I am doing myself a favor in getting practice with my camera. I am starting to feel more and more comfortable snapping away with different subjects. I imagine that it takes quite a while to feel confident within the realm of photography...but maybe someday that confidence will come. And if it ever does, then it will be on to learning about how to maneuver through photo shop...(because, well, although I am drawn to the bare naked reality of pictures...I'm sure that my photos could use a little cosmetic surgery). For now, photo shop is way too intimidating. Learning how to add text to the pictures I put on the web would have been confusing enough had I not been blessed by a few angels who are familiar with the world of photography. Me, I am not as familiar as I would like to be. But nevertheless...it really serves a purpose in my life as an escape. And...I suppose I will just keep posting imperfect yellow pictures until I start singing a different song.

*This little one could use some sweet thoughts and love...and lots of yellow sunshine, as he is struggling very uncomfortably through a severe case of a stiff neck.*


Nonnie said...

love that song and that little boy! golden yellow hair like his mommy when she was a wee one! i sure hope he is better tomorrow....give him love from his nonnie and papa

yellow used to be my all time favorite color....bright yellow....and it did me good!

cassie said...

when i was in second grade, i was forced to choose a favorite color...you can imagine how hard this task is for a libra. i narrowed it down to two...purple and yellow!

give little bug a little rub down from his auntie. i know how awful that feels. just last year i had one that lasted long enough for my neighbor teacher to make a spitting image paper doll of me, with a tongue depressor for my neck!

Debbie said...

I hope little man starts to feel better soon, I can imagine how hard this is on everyone in the house! Enjoy seeing the joy in the world through yellow! I LOVE the new picture on the blog! You really are amazing behind the camera.

Elizabeth said...

Poor little fellow. Stiff neck is awful. I hope he feels better soon and can enjoy all the yellow beauty that seems to be surrounding you. (Love the new header, by the way!)

Cory said...

poor baby! Hey cassie did you remember that my bedroom was purple and yellow at one time??? :) Give little bug a squeeze from his auntie tory :) (just not too hard) Love you guys

jouette said...

i love donovan! what a beautiful song. your blog is beautiful and inspiring, thank you~ lots of good vibes to your beautiful blondie.

Brittni said...

Poor sweet boy! Not fun to look to one side all day. Yellow does have a way of brightening a spirit. I am trying to add a little yellow to my life! Maybe I will be able to take a breathe of fresh air and let all my worries fly away. Love you

daisies said...

i am in love with yellow and it definitely plays a role in lifting me up which is why my kitchen walls are a lemon bright yellow and my hall is a paler yellow and my living room is a deep beautiful yellow that changes with the light ... its a good thing :)

yellow is never imperfect :)

this is beautiful! xo

amanda said...

I love that song, too. And look at that wheat-colored hair! If you could bottle that you'd be a wealthy woman :)

I hope his little neck feels better soon!