30 Days::Day 22

Yellow is the color, found inside....
Sweetly filling our tummies.
Offering words of affirmation. Showing signs of fatigue.
Whispering to be worn.
Guiding gentle thought.
Showing signs of spring.


Nonnie said...

thanks for the sunshine again this morning, sass.....that honey looks good enuf for ME to eat! :) and once again wonderful pics.

PixieDust said...

I love these yellowy posts... sunshine and yumminess - thank you!

Have a beautiful weekend,


Debbie said...

so much yellow and happiness...love it!

Kirsten Michelle said...

i have a feeling if you pull up all my comments on this lovely yellow theme, they'll all sound the same ;-)
love, love, love...thank you, beautiful you.
have a most wonderful weekend.xo

Anonymous said...

Color me yellow and call me Bilious! Oops! That's my brother!

Mandy said...

your really good at photography!! thanks for the sunny artistic pictures:)