here. there. and everywhere.

wanting to write. hoping to write. holding intention to write and actually WRITING...are very.very different things.
i am so sore from pulling weeds in the backyard.
should i be that sore??
i wonder how long journey will sleep before she wakes up to nurse.
i wonder how much longer journey will want to nurse.
there is something really funky going on with my throat.
i must want to say something to someone.
it is really funky.
i should post more pictures of myself on this blog. it is MY blog, after all.
but that would mean that i would have to actually take pictures of myself and that always feels kind of strange for me.
plus there is the whole situation with holding the camera with one hand, which is kind of heavy. or the whole setting the timer and then trying to make it look natural while laughing to myself over how really funny that is.
maybe there won't be more pictures of me on my blog.
i am SO excited about composting. so excited. probably strangely excited.
how on earth am i going to rake all of those rocks that need to be raked in order to plant our garden. really. how am i going to do that?
one rake at at time. oh yes.
my house is clean and it feels so good to be here.
and then i look into the garage and see that behemoth pile of laundry waiting to be washed and i don't feel so good.
but i think about setting up my clothesline and i am strangely excited about that.
and about clothespins.
i find it really difficult to write when someone is standing behind me.
so then i just write "practice" words like:
"little house on the prairie".
which i can write abnormally fast because for some weird reason, that is what i would always type when i wanted to pretend that i was the fastest typer ever.
wanting to be the fastest typer ever was somehow important to me at some small point in my life.
but now i can type
"little house on the prairie"
very.very fast.
and THAT is kind of fun.
how are you?
who are you?
where are you?
please tell.


Julie said...

I like this post... just what ever comes to mind! I like to type fast too. Hope to see you soon (and pictures of your garden)!

latisha said...

the next time you decide to go floating around inside my head, let me know kay?

Debbie said...

Love your thoughts! Glad you got some weeds pulled and are excited about the changes in your home.

I also love to type fast. When I student taught, I taught a keyboarding class. ONE time I got my WPM up to over 100. My hands were actually tired! Hope you smile lots today! :)

Kirsten Michelle said...

here. there. and everywhere...
pretty much sums it up.
i loved this post SO much...
and i thank you for sharing your thoughts in just this way.
email coming soon.

kimberly said...

love it sass....thanks for the smiles and at least you can write down what buzzes through your head.....not sure mine are even in complete sentences! :)
right there with you on the sore hands....but good sore! :)
and i have always liked certain words while typing....they just do it by themselves...no thinking involved!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jessamyn, Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I had to laugh over your indecision about photos of yourself. I have the same inner monologue! (camera too heavy one-handed, how to make it natural...) Glad it's not just me! Take care, my dear.

Melissa Stephenson said...

Good post Jess and good humor.... =) Thanks for getting me to smile and giggle today!

Brittni said...

I love you Jess! I like this post because it is fun! I often have random thoughts in my head so I like to hear yours. I laugh while I picture you typing "little house ...." as fast as you can:)

Jamie said...

For some reason this post takes me back to when you were little. :) You still have so many qualities as an adult that were very evident in you as a child. Random thoughts like these are just really good to get out into the universe sometimes! :)
Love you!

Daydreaming, tree hugging human named lindsey said...

you are so interesting. And I know what you mean about clothespins. I get strangely excited as well when I think about having a clothesline in my backyard. I picture it filled with white cotton items blowing in the wind and smelling fresh and clean. But then again I also picture giant pine trees behind it and giant hills covered in flowers and I have long hair and my boobs are big. sigh. maybe someday. Right now i'm at my house watching my little creation evaluate my belly button and then his own.

Cory said...

Jess I love this post!!! Some parts of it reminded me of my blonde tangled hair little sis :)
I just smiled through it and can relate so much to your constant thought and appreciate your honest delivery. Love you sis.